Übersetzung für 'if necessary' von Englisch nach Deutsch
if necessary {adv}wenn nötig
if necessary {adv}falls nötig
if necessary {adv}nötigenfalls
if necessary {adv}je nach Bedarf
if necessary {adv}im Bedarfsfall
if necessary {adv}falls vonnöten
if necessary {adv}bei Notwendigkeit
if necessary {adv}falls erforderlich
if necessary {adv}bei Bedarf <b. B.>
if necessary {adv}erforderlichenfalls
if necessary {adv}gegebenenfalls <ggf.>
if necessary {adv}notfalls [gegebenenfalls]
if necessary {adv}allenfalls [gegebenenfalls]
4 Wörter: Andere
by force if necessary {adv}notfalls mit Gewalt
4 Wörter: Verben
to get advice if necessarynotfalls Rat erhalten
necessary {adj}unvermeidlich [notwendig]
necessary {adj}unumgänglich
necessary {adj}unerlässlich
necessary {adj}geboten [notwendig]
necessary {adj}vonnöten
necessary {adj}nötig
necessary {adj}wichtig
necessary {adj}erforderlich
when necessary {adv}im Bedarfsfall
necessary qualificationerforderliche Befähigung {f}
absolutely necessary {adj}zwingend erforderlich
to be necessaryvonnöten sein
to consider necessaryals erforderlich erachten
to become necessaryerforderlich werden
necessary consequencenotwendige Folge {f}
everything necessaryalles Notwendige {n}
necessary publicitynotwendige Werbung {f}
necessary preparationserforderliche Vorbereitungen {pl}
necessary evilnotwendiges Übel {n}
necessary forerforderlich zu
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • However, the session may be extended if necessary, and often is.
  • Currently only two commercial nuclear reactors (Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Units 1 and 2) are being used for tritium production but the process could, if necessary, be vastly scaled up to meet any conceivable demand simply by utilizing more of the nation's power reactors.
  • Irish has no words that directly translate as "yes" or "no", and instead repeats the verb used in the question, negated if necessary, to answer.
  • This must be fastened in such a way that a ball thrown into the goal does not leave or pass the goal under normal circumstances. If necessary, a second net may be clasped to the back of the net on the inside.
  • If necessary, a diagnostic hypoglycemic episode can be produced in an inpatient or outpatient setting.

  • Any star antiprism with "regular" convex or star polygon bases can be made a "right" star antiprism (by translating and/or twisting one of its bases, if necessary).
  • Following evaluation of the airway, a first aid attendant would determine adequacy of breathing and provide rescue breathing if necessary.
  • The pamphlet argued that Ireland would never be totally "pacified" by the English until its indigenous language and customs had been destroyed, if necessary by violence.
  • In salamanders, defence of a territory involves adopting an aggressive posture and if necessary attacking the intruder.
  • He punished libel with exile or death and, due to his suspicious nature, increasingly accepted information from informers to bring false charges of treason if necessary.

  • Further, the United States would provide economic and military aid and, if necessary, use military force to stop the spread of communism in the Middle East.
  • The agreement envisions Ankara supplying Azerbaijan with weapons, military equipment, and, if necessary, soldiers in case war with Armenia over Karabakh resumes.
  • Conscription in the United States ended in 1973, but males aged between 18 and 25 are required to register with the Selective Service System to enable a reintroduction of conscription if necessary.
  • That same month he was also appointed, by the Singapore Government, Chairman of a committee set up to study film censorship in the Colony and suggest changes, if necessary.
  • Therefore pipelined processors must check for these sorts of conditions and delay a portion of the pipeline if necessary.

  • In addition, all of the standard modules shipped with the compiler are open-source and so can be tweaked and recompiled by the programmer if necessary.
  • The attached bank holiday or public holiday may take place on 28 December if necessary to ensure it falls on a weekday.
  • Miller's Batman was closer to the original pre-Robin version, who was willing to kill criminals if necessary.
  • Each of the 26 state governors must achieve more than 50% of the vote, including a second round run-off between the top two candidates if necessary.
  • Abeyance can be used in cases where parties are interested in temporarily settling litigation while still holding the right to seek relief later if necessary.

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