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in each case {adv}jeweils
in each and every case {adv}in jedem Fall
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Übersetzung für 'in each case' von Englisch nach Deutsch

in each case {adv}

in each and every case {adv}
in jedem Fall
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • He went on to add, in 1941, that the United States Attorney General had to be informed of its use in each case.
  • This opinion would produce a wide range of definition of what, exactly, constituted culture and history, but in each case the only means of explaining it was in terms of the historical particulars of the culture itself.
  • It is also possible for the House of Commons to expel a member, a power exercised only in cases of serious misconduct or criminal activity. In each case, the vacancy is filled by a by-election in the constituency, with the same electoral system as in general elections.
  • Al-Qaeda has carried out a total of six major attacks, four of them in its jihad against America. In each case the leadership planned the attack years in advance, arranging for the shipment of weapons and explosives and using its businesses to provide operatives with safehouses and false identities.
  • If attributes are not mentioned, default values are used in each case.
  • "Monatomic ions" are formed from single atoms, while "polyatomic ions" are formed from two or more atoms that have been bonded together, in each case yielding an ion with a positive or negative net charge.
  • Awards may be made to persons other than members of the Armed Forces of the United States for wartime services only, and only then under exceptional circumstances with the express approval of the president in each case.
  • The comparison can be visualized as the size of the openings of a hyperbolic sector and a circular sector since the areas of these sectors correspond to the angle magnitudes in each case.
  • In the following subsections, unless otherwise noted, examples are first given using the common prefixes used in each case, and then followed by interpretation using other notation where appropriate.
  • The test could be required for safety, with actions required in each case.
  • if the player takes action 1, then that presents the opponent with a certain situation, which might be good or bad, whereas if the player takes action 2 then the opponents will be presented with a different situation, and in each case the choices they make will determine their own future situation.
  • in each case, we would be able to solve the halting problem similarly.
  • He shows how, in each case, the "meaning" of the word presupposes our ability to use it.
  • Applied to ordered vector spaces over the same field, the result is in each case also an ordered vector space.
  • There are various ways of defining a line. In the following subsections, a linear equation of the line is given in each case.
  • All the factors are considered and balanced in each case: a book reviewer who quotes a paragraph as an example of the author's style will probably fall under fair use even though they may sell their review commercially; but a non-profit educational website that reproduces whole articles from technical magazines will probably be found to infringe if the publisher can demonstrate that the website affects the market for the magazine, even though the website itself is non-commercial.
  • The next double column shows how many of the months must be full and how many must be hollow; in each case, there is only one possible combination (how they are ordered within the cycle is not relevant).
  • In each case the photon energy [...] is proportional to its frequency [...] according to [...] , where [...] is Planck's constant.
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