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NOUN   an isomer | isomers
Isomer {n}
conformational isomer
Konformationsisomer {n}
D-Isomer {n}
E-Isomer {n}
L-Isomer {n}
rotational isomer
Rotationsisomer {n}
topological isomer
Topoisomer {n}
Z-Isomer {n}
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  • isomer = isomeric
  • Isomer {n} = isomer
  • D-Isomer {n} = D-isomer
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  • The "trans" isomer of resveratrol can be converted to the "cis" isomer in a photochemical reaction.
  • The thermodynamic isomer with a trans -CO2Me group is still active. This isomer was used by Neurosearch to make three different phenyltropanes which were tested in clinical trials.
  • The "cis" isomer illustrates linkage isomerism for the DMSO ligand.
  • The (R) isomer has a faster onset and more potent anticonvulsant activity in animal models than the (S) isomer.
  • In alkenes the cis isomer is always less stable than the trans isomer by 1.10 kcal/mol.

  • In the original 1952 publication, additional evidence was obtained for the structural assignment of the reaction products by applying them to a Chugaev elimination, wherein the threo isomer reacts to the cis isomer of -α-methyl-stilbene and the erythro isomer to the trans version.
  • Supellapyrone has four configurations but female brown-banded cockroaches can only produce the RR isomer.
  • With simple ylides, the product is usually mainly the Z-isomer, although a lesser amount of the E-isomer is often formed also – this is particularly true when ketones are used.
  • The spontaneous dimerization of neat cyclopentadiene at room temperature to form dicyclopentadiene proceeds to around 50% conversion over 24 hours and yields the "endo" isomer in better than 99:1 ratio as the kinetically favored product (about 150:1 "endo":"exo" at 80 °C).
  • Note: reference 2 refers to the ortho isomer. Accurate cites for the meta isomer not available.

  • In the patent for the Diels-Alder reaction, nadic anhydride was given as an example of the reaction, made by the condensation of maleic anhydride and cyclopentadiene, which gives mostly the "endo" isomer.
  • The compound has two isomers, the "cis" isomer and "trans" isomer, with the "trans" isomer being more toxic.
  • Indirubin is a structural isomer (more precisely is position isomer) of indigo dye.
  • When allowed to crystallise from chlorinated solvents, the tetrahedral isomer converts to the square planar isomer.
  • The commercial product typically exists as a mixture of 70% ("Z")-isomer and 30% ("E")-isomer.

  • Astilbin is a flavanonol, a type of flavonoid. Astilbin is the (2R-trans)-isomer; neoisoastilbin is the (2S-cis)-isomer and isoastilbin is the (2R-cis)-isomer. It is also present in certain wines.
  • If given the enantiomeric excess [...] of a mixture, the fraction of the main isomer, say [...] , can be determined using [...] and the lesser isomer [...].
  • The kinetically-favored O-bonded isomer [...] converts to [...].
  • Linkage isomerism was first noted for nitropentaamminecobalt(III) chloride, [...].
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