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SYNO iterative | iterative aspect | reiterative
iterative {adj}iterativ
iterative {adj}sich wiederholend
2 Wörter
iterative addition
iterative Addition {f}
iterative addition
iteratives Addieren {n}
iterative impedanceWellenwiderstand {m} [Physik, E-Technik]
iterative method
Iterationsverfahren {n}
iterative processiterativer Vorgang {m}
iterative process
Iterationsprozess {m}
iterative reconstruction
iterative Rekonstruktion {f}
iterative solution
iterative Lösung {f}
3 Wörter
iterative image reconstruction <IIR>
iterative Bildrekonstruktion {f}
iterative process prototyping <IPP>
iteratives Prozess-Prototyping {n} <IPP>
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  • iterative Addition {f} = iterative addition
  • iterative Bildrekonstruktion {f} = iterative image reconstruction <IIR>
  • iterative Lösung {f} = iterative solution
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • An iterative method that converges for an arbitrary initial approximation is called globally convergent. Iterative methods for systems of linear equations are usually globally convergent.
  • While the usual formulation of the Pipek-Mezey method invokes an iterative procedure to localize the orbitals, a non-iterative method has also been recently suggested.
  • Iterative and incremental development is any combination of both iterative design or iterative method and incremental build model for development.
  • Scott (1974) did not mention the "iterative conception of set," instead proposing his theory as a natural outgrowth of the simple theory of types.
  • 1) Stimulus-response associations are both learned and expressed in one non-iterative transformation. No backpropagation of error terms or iterative processing required.

  • All general eigenvalue algorithms must be iterative, and the divide-and-conquer algorithm is no different.
  • Silvester is best known for his work on finite element methods, fast iterative solvers for fluid dynamics, and uncertainty quantification.
  • Berrou also codeveloped turbo equalization (see turbo equalizer.) Turbo equalization is also known as iterative reception or iterative detection.
  • Compared with the "Filtered Back-projection" method, iterative reconstruction costs large computation time, limiting its practical use.
  • There are iterative and non-iterative compound stems, each of which has subdivisions within them to indicate further meaning.

  • The truncated SPIKE algorithm can be wrapped inside some outer iterative scheme (e.g., BiCGSTAB or iterative refinement) to improve the accuracy of the solution.
  • This iterative process builds a sequence of partial functions from [...] to [...].
  • In 2008, Kwak proposed an iterative algorithm for the approximate solution of L1-PCA for [...]. This iterative method was later generalized for [...] components.
  • Iterative methods, such as conjugate gradient method and GMRES utilize fast computations of matrix-vector products [...] , where matrix [...] is sparse.
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