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NOUN   a just price | just prices
just pricegerechter Preis {m}
just priceangemessener Preis {m}
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not at just any price {adv} [also fig.]nicht um jeden Preis [auch fig.]
not-to-exceed price <NTE price>Höchstpreis {m}
Price / Price's equation
Price-Gleichung {f}
just {adv}bloß [nur]
just {adv}grade [ugs.] [gerade]
just {adv}nun einmal
just {adv}ausgerechnet
just {adv}genau
just {adv}just [geh.] [auch hum.] [gerade, genau]
just {adv}soeben
just {adv}knapp
just {adv}auch nur
just {adv}erst [nicht länger zurückliegend als; bloß]
just {adj}
rein [Intervall, Stimmung]
just {adv}grad [ugs.] [gerade]
only justvorhin erst
just recently {adv}erst letztens
just {adv} [absolutely]wirklich [einfach]
the just {pl}die Gerechten {pl}
just after {conj}gleich nachdem
just recently {adv}gerade letzthin
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  • The just price is a theory of ethics in economics that attempts to set standards of fairness in transactions.
  • Bernadette Russell devised and performed in Framed, Home of the Wriggler and The Cleansing of Constance Brown as well as being recast into The Just Price of Flowers and guest starring in Tuning Out With Radio Z.
  • Hence, for him a just price was what the society collectively and not just one individual is willing to pay.
  • He is best known in economic theory and theological circles for his writings defending the price differential in usury as compatible with "just price" from the perspective of the Thomists.
  • The principle was developed as a way to ensure that people received a just price ("iustum pretium") in exchange, and in opposition to the Imperial Roman view, found in the "Corpus Juris Civilis", that the parties to an exchange were entitled to try to outwit one another.

  • Writers of the period referred to these practices as "unjust tolls," and not only did the robber barons thereby violate the prerogatives of the Holy Roman Emperor, they also went outside of the society's behavioural norms, since merchants were bound both by law and religious custom to charge a "just price" for their wares.
  • Multi-attribute auctions allow agents to sell and purchase goods and services, taking into account more attributes than just price (e.g. ...
  • Canonist substantive fairness shifted to procedural fairness, so good faith and mutual assent were retained as requirements, but just price and "laesio enormis" were not.
  • It drew on the economic thought of St Thomas Aquinas, who taught that the "just price" in a marketplace should not be allowed to fluctuate due to temporary shortages or gluts.
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