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k-Zusammenhang {m}
knit [knit stitch] <k, K>
rechte Masche {f} <re M>
knit stitch <k, K>
rechte Masche {f} <re M>
sodium-potassium pump <Na-K pump, Na/K pump>
Na-K-Pumpe {f}
connectivityVerbindung {f}
connectivityVerbindbarkeit {f}
connectivityVernetzungs­grad {m}
Zusammenhang {m}
connectivityKonnektivität {f}
connectivityVerbindungs­fähigkeit {f}
connectivityAnschlussmöglichkeit {f}
connectivityVerbundenheit {f}
vertex connectivity
Eckenzusammenhang {m}
habitat connectivity
Habitatkonnektivität {f}
arc connectivity
Bogenzusammenhang {m}
connectivity options
Anschlussmöglichkeiten {pl}
computer connectivity
Computerkonnektivität {f} [auch: Computer-Konnektivität]
connectivity property
Zusammenhangseigenschaft {f}
structural connectivity
strukturelle Konnektivität {f}
landscape connectivity
Landschaftskonnektivität {f}
connectivity analysisKonnektivitätsanalyse {f}
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  • The connectivity of each data point in the neighborhood graph is defined as its nearest "k" Euclidean neighbors in the high-dimensional space.
  • Also under the M-series name Dell offers the Brocade Communications Systems M5424 8Gb Fibre Channel switch and the M8428-k Converged 10GbE Switch which offers 10GbE performance, FCoE switching, and low-latency 8 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) switching and connectivity.
  • Similar in physiology and connectivity to W cells in cat LGN, K cells form three pairs of layers in macaques.
  • Most protein interaction networks show a scale-free (power law) degree distribution where the connectivity distribution P(k) ~ k−γ with k being the degree.
  • Strong, because in the works of each painter is seen an attractive, convincible and individual face and at the same time it creates the impression of connectivity with each other» "K.

  • Concepts related to "k"-cores but based on vertex connectivity have been studied in social network theory under the name of structural cohesion.
  • The edge connectivity of [...] is the maximum value "k" such that "G" is "k"-edge-connected. The smallest set "X" whose removal disconnects "G" is a minimum cut in "G".
  • The papers reported to be plagiarised are 'The connectivity of squares of box graphs', 'On edge-connectivity of inserted graphs' and 'Factors of inserted graphs'.
  • By road: Birur is a small town located in Kadur taluk, plenty of connectivity by buses plying between Bangalore-Chickmagalore or Bangalore-Shimoga buses.
  • This junction enhances rail connectivity from M.G Road to Vytilla Mobility Hub.

  • He was the first to monitor effective connectivity patterns in cultured ensembles of identified invertebrate neurons, and with M.
  • Her research on the connectivity of tiger populations in Central India was presented in court to stay the widening of NH7 which cuts across the Kanha-Pench corridor.
  • Usually, the nodes in the highest cores of the Internet are densely connected between them, and serve as hubs for assuring the connectivity between peripheral nodes.
  • is a freeware software application used to communicate between Windows or Macintosh operating systems, and recently manufactured Samsung mobile phone and tablet computer devices, usually using a USB connection (though wireless LAN Kies connectivity is now possible using some devices).
  • When COVID-19 began in 2020, EPB provided community support through in-kind services and financial support, suspending disconnections and waiving late fees to ensure their customers could maintain connectivity, in addition to installing more than 130 Wi-Fi hotspots in publicly accessible areas and housing developments.

  • A fibre optics / satellite link will provide the necessary connectivity between the IDSN site and Spacecraft Control Centre / Network Control Centre.
  • He has donated his agricultural land for the construction of a Hospital, built roads, and ensured mobile connectivity for the village [...].
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