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kilowatt hour <kWh>
Kilowattstunde {f} <kWh>
kWh of gas [kilowatt hour]kWh Gas {n} [Kilowattstunde]
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  • Kilowattstunde {f} <kWh> = kilowatt hour <kWh>
  • kWh Gas {n} [Kilowattstunde] = kWh of gas [kilowatt hour]
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  • 2 trillion kwh, ranking second in the world.
  • The introductory rating was set at 145 MW with simple cycle heat rate of 10,000 Btu/kwh or 34% efficiency.
  • The residential electricity use amounts to 78,45 kwh/hab - 122nd in ranking within the State.
  • For each cubic meter of the Iranian gas, Armenia is supposed to return 3 kwh of electric energy to Iran.
  • Small-scale wind power (turbines of less than 20 kW capacity) will be subsidized at least 57.75 JPY (about 0.74 USD per kwh).

  • A biogas plant, Solar power, wind and water energy produce about 14 million kwh energy annually, about 3 million more than needed.
  • As of 2007, 401 million kwh were generated in the province.
  • There are still barriers to overcome before moving forward with anaerobic digestion, such as its cost per kwh.
  • 45 kwh/m3 according to the developer. The IBTS works with natural processes in closed cycles, hosted in a building.
  • 1958 was 3154 kW with an output of 14 million kwh per annum.

  • The annual generation is about 485 mio. kwh. The turbines were supplied by Escher-Wyss and the generators by Siemens.
  • It houses a 19 kwh battery pack that was manufactured in-house using Li-ion cells.
  • 17 per kwh, in direct contrast to rates in other states such as Delaware, where retail rates were $.07-.09 per kwh.
  • Hydroelectric power from Lake Phú Ninh contributes up to 3 million kwh per year.
  • The tariff was approved at 42 yen/kwh on June 18th, 2012; however, it has since been reduced over time to 11 yen/kwh in 2022.

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