Übersetzung für 'kabbalistic' von Englisch nach Deutsch
ADJ   kabbalistic | more kabbalistic | most kabbalistic
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kabbalistic {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'kabbalistic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

kabbalistic {adj}
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  • Further Kabbalistic embellishments were recorded in later rabbinic works such as the 18th century "Ḥemdat Yamim" (anonymous, but sometimes attributed to Nathan of Gaza).
  • ... "Book of Delight"), a kabbalistic treatise dealing with the Divine names and their efficacy in mystical practices.
  • This prohibition is further expanded upon in kabbalistic literature.
  • In the 13th Century kabbalistic "Berith Menucha" of Abraham Merimon of Granada Yahoel is the angel over fire.
  • Heller was a kabbalist, and even wrote a kabbalistic work, a commentary on Rabbenu Bahya ben Asher, based on the kabbalistic views of Moses Cordovero.

  • Kabbalistic astrology, also called "mazal" or "mazalot", ("zodiac," "destiny") is a system of astrology based upon the kabbalah.
  • "Sha'ar ha Gilgulim" ("Gate of Reincarnations", שער הגלגולים) is a kabbalistic work on "Gilgul", the concept of reincarnation put together by Rabbi Hayyim Vital who recorded the teachings of his master in the 16th century CE.
  • Zechariah Ḍāhirī is said to have been instrumental in introducing elements of the Spanish prayer-rite into Yemen, as well as "kabbalistic" practices.
  • Rabbi Yeshaya Heilprin, son of Yoel Helprin (II), was also a kabbalist and expert in kabbalistic amulets.
  • The Midrash of Pseudo-Simon is a medieval text by a kabbalistic scholar.

  • Combining Talmudic with kabbalistic knowledge, Saragossi created a movement interested in Kabbalistic Jewish study in Safed.
  • Western occultists make different kabbalistic associations with Manipura. For some occultists, it relates to the sephirot of Hod and Netzach.
  • After Roeslin's death at Buchsweiler in 1616, his unpublished astrology, theology and kabbalistic work merged into the manuscript collection of Karl Widemann.
  • Shimon Akiva Baer ben Yosef of Vienna ([...]; died 1724) was a 17th-century Viennese Talmudist and kabbalistic writer.
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