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NOUN   kashrut | -
Kaschrut {f} [selten {n}]
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Übersetzung für 'kashrut' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Kaschrut {f} [selten {n}]gastr.relig.
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  • The more recent trend for these laws is simply to allow the establishment to disclose its own "kashrut" standards, with the governmental authority then scrutinizing whether the establishment in fact lives by the "kashrut" standards it discloses.
  • Although "diamante" is also grown in Puerto Rico, Sicily and Sardinia, their citrons are not used for the Jewish ritual, since no kashrut certification was present at transplantation.
  • It uses a "two-table" system at its potluck dinners (one table with vegetarian food, and one table with vegetarian food in which all ingredients have kashrut certification) in order to accommodate different standards of kashrut in a pluralistic community.
  • Belsky's first "kashrut" position was with the Kof-K.
  • Kashrut requires that common bread must be made pareve, because bread is a staple food, and there is a strong chance one may forget that the bread contains dairy or meat ingredients.

  • The requirements for becoming a mashgiach/mashgicha are being Jewish, being Sabbath-observant ("shomer Shabbat"), being Torah-observant ("shomer mitzvot"), and personally fulfilling the laws of "kashrut" ("shomer kashrut").
  • Many Jews who observe kashrut only eat in restaurants which have a certificate on the wall declaring that the establishment’s food is kosher and supervised by a mashgiach.
  • The practice of marking food as a sign of kashrut can be dated back as far as the 6th century CE.
  • Ultimately this gave way to many US-born Jews rejecting "kashrut" altogether as "impractical and anachronistic".
  • Pizza Hut Israel only carries kosher products. Most stores carry "kashrut mehuderet", a higher level of kashrut.

  • The Jewish dietary laws known as kashrut required the Jews to identify certain types of fish to maintain a kosher diet.
  • This movement began in the 1970s among American Reconstructionist Jews, and eco-kashrut or eco-kosher approaches enjoyed a resurgence in the 1990s with the work of Reconstructionist rabbi, author, and activist Arthur Waskow.
  • Orthodox Judaism emphasizes practicing rules of kashrut, Shabbat, family purity, and tefilah (daily prayer).
  • Hagafen has overcome several significant challenges in making fine wines that comply fully with the Jewish laws of kashrut.
  • An authority on the laws of kashrut, he has written about the increased stringencies associated with the observance of kashrut.

  • It is noted that in the Torah, there are over 100 "Mitzvot" concerning the "kashrut" (fitness) of one's money, many more, in fact, than concerning the "kashrut" of food.
  • In the sixth reading ([...] , "aliyah"), God then instructed Moses and Aaron in the dietary laws of kashrut (...).
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