Übersetzung für 'kassite' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN1   a kassite | kassites
NOUN2   a Kassite | Kassites
SYNO Cassite | Kassite
Kassite {adj}kassitisch
Kassit {m}
Kassitisch {n}
kassite [CaTi2O4(OH)2]
Kassit {m}
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Übersetzung für 'kassite' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Kassite {adj}

Kassit {m}hist.

Kassitisch {n}ling.
kassite [CaTi2O4(OH)2]
Kassit {m}mineral.
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  • Light occupation occurred in the Kassite and Parthian periods.
  • Nazi-Maruttaš, typically inscribed "Na-zi-Ma-ru-ut-ta-aš" or m"Na-zi-Múru-taš", "Maruttaš" (a Kassite god synonymous with Ninurta) "protects him", was a Kassite king of Babylon c.
  • The Hittites had carried off the idol of the god Marduk, but the Kassite rulers regained possession, returned Marduk to Babylon, and made him the equal of the Kassite Shuqamuna.
  • Some historians designate the Middle Babylonian period as having proceeded the collapse of the Kassite period (c. ...
  • Kassite Babylonian-influenced materials dating back to the second millennium BC, which were found in Al Khor Island, reveal evidence of trade relations between the inhabitants of Qatar and the Kassite.

  • The land grant was situated west of the river Tigris in the province of Ingur-Ištar, one of perhaps twenty-two "pīḫatus" or provinces known from the Kassite period, and was bordered by estates belonging to the (house of) "Bīt-Nazi-Marduk" and "Bīt-Tunamissaḫ", perhaps Kassite nobility.
  • Burna-Buriyåš I, meaning "servant of the Lord of the lands", was the first Kassite who really ruled over Babylonia, possibly the first to occupy the city of Babylon proper around 1500 BC, culminating a century of creeping encroachment by the Kassite tribes.
  • A lack of Kassite texts makes the reconstruction of Kassite grammar impossible at present.
  • The south Mesopotamian dynasty was replaced by another Kassite Dynasty (Dynasty VI; 1003–984 BC) which also seems to have regained control over Babylon itself.
  • Theophoric personal names in the Kassite period did sometimes include Šuqamuna (twelve cases) and Šumaliya (three cases); these frequencies are much lower than that of another Kassite divine name, Saḫ (forty-three cases).

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