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NOUN   a kilogram | kilograms
SYNO kg | kilo | kilogram
kilogram <kg>
Kilogramm {n} <kg>
kilogram-force <kgf> [dated]
Kilopond {n} <kp> [veraltet]
kilogram-meter [Am.]
Meterkilogramm {n} <MKG> [veraltet]
primary kilogram
Urkilogramm {n}
becquerels per kilogram <Bq/kg> [also: becquerel per kilogram]
Becquerel {n} pro Kilogramm <Bq/kg>
international prototype kilogram <IPK>
Urkilogramm {n}
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  • Prior to the redefinition, the kilogram and several other SI units based on the kilogram were defined by a man-made metal artifact: the "Kilogramme des Archives" from 1799 to 1889, and the IPK from 1889 to 2019.
  • The concept has resulted in two different series of masses: Those based on the local pound (which after metrication was considered equivalent to half a kilogram), and those uprated to being based on the kilogram.
  • To prepare Samanu, you need one kilogram of whole wheat flour for every kilogram of wheat.
  • In 1999, Chaplin set the American snatch record at 77 kilograms with a 157.5-kilogram lift.
  • One poncelet is defined as the power required to raise a hundred-kilogram mass (quintal) at a velocity of one metre per second (100 kilogram-force·m/s).

  • Beginning 1985, she started winning medals, mostly gold, in the National Weightlifting Championships in 44-kilogram, 46-kilogram and 48-kilogram, the latter her final weight category.
  • Specific volume is a property of materials, defined as the number of cubic meters occupied by one kilogram of a particular substance.
  • It is reported in 2009 that hydrogen made from natural gas cost about $5 to $10 per kilogram in California, and after compression cost and transportation cost, retails for $12 to $14 per kilogram.
  • Wajackoya also mentioned that if elected as President, he will ensure Kenya starts exporting dog meat, saying that that a kilogram of dog meat costs six times more than the price of a kilogram of goat meat.
  • When free market auctions resumed, wool sold for 430 cents a kilogram. In October 1998, wool prices hit a record low of 465 cents per kilogram.

  • Prior to the redefinition, the kilogram and several other SI units based on the kilogram were defined by an artificial metal object called the international prototype of the kilogram (IPK).
  • He holds a Game Fishing Association of Australia national record for a 31 kilogram mulloway caught from land on 8 kilogram line near Ceduna in 1992.
  • There are gram calories and kilogram calories. One kilogram calorie, which equals one thousand gram calories, often appears capitalised and without a prefix (i.e. ...
  • In the United States, the avoirdupois pound as a unit of mass has been officially defined in terms of the kilogram since the Mendenhall Order of 1893.
  • An example of a primary standard was the international prototype of the kilogram (IPK) which was the master kilogram and the primary mass standard for the International System of Units (SI).

  • Ammunition for the Model 1968 includes both an 11-kilogram high-explosive and a 15-kilogram high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) round.
  • In the SI system of measurement, one watt-hour per kilogram is equal to 3600 joules per kilogram.
  • 62 kilogram catfish - the current record is a 26 kilogram barramundi.
  • Conventional electrostatic capacitors provide less than 360 joules per kilogram of energy density, while capacitors using developing technology can provide more than 2.52 kilo joules per kilogram.
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