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NOUN   kimchi | -
kimchi [originally Korean, fermented cabbage]
Kimchi {m} {n}
kimchi refrigerator
Kimchi-Kühlschrank {m}
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  • Kimchi {m} {n} = kimchi [originally Korean, fermented cabbage]
  • Kimchi-Kühlschrank {m} = kimchi refrigerator
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Baek-kimchi contains many vitamins, such as vitamin A, which promotes and helps maintain healthy vision.
  • After a long period of consuming "gimjang kimchi" (...) during the winter, fresh potherbs and vegetables were used to make kimchi.
  • Kang created the animated web drama Kimchi Warrior in 2009 to help promote kimchi and taekwondo in entertainment.
  • "Dubu-kimchi" (...) is a Korean dish consisting of tofu (dubu) and stir-fried kimchi.
  • Kimchi is fermented vegetables, usually "baechu" (Napa cabbage), seasoned with chili peppers and salt.

  • "Kimchi-buchimgae" (...) or "kimchi-jeon" (...), is a variety of "buchimgae" or "jeon".
  • Kimchi is placed in an "onggi" (earthenware) or a container, covered, and pressed down, and let ferment at room temperature for a day or two.
  • "Yeolmu-kimchi" is one of the many types of Kimchi, a popular banchan (Korean: 반찬, Korean side dish).
  • In an attempt to combat the increasing popularity of mass-produced kimchi, which is convenient for modern life, Seoul has created the world's only kimchi museum, where tourists and local people can sample different types of the fermented dish, and learn about the traditional gimjang process.
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