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klystron tube
Klystron {n}
Klystron {n}
X-ray flash tube <XRF tube>
Röntgenblitzröhre {f}
television camera tube <TV camera tube>
Fernsehaufnahmeröhre {f} <FS-Aufnahmeröhre>
percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube <PEG tube>
PEG-Sonde {f}
Geiger-Müller tube <GM tube>
Geiger-Müller-Rohr {n}
color television tube <color TV tube> [Am.]
Farbfernsehröhre {f}
colour television tube <colour TV tube> [Br.]
Farbfernsehröhre {f}
X-ray image intensifier tube <X-ray I.I. tube, XRII tube>
Röntgenbildverstärkerröhre {f} <RBV-Röhre>
tubeRohr {n}
tubeRöhre {f}
Geissler tube
Geißler'sche Röhre {f}
Pitot tube
Pitot-Sonde {f} [Staurohr]
centrifuge tube
Zentrifugenröhrchen {n}
tube angulation
Röhrenangulation {f}
test tube
Eprouvette {f} [bes. österr.]
tube furnace
Rohrofen {m}
tube output
Röhrenleistung {f}
tube paintTubenfarbe {f}
tube current
Röhrenstrom {m}
tube power
Röhrenleistung {f}
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  • During the Second World War, the Axis powers relied mostly on (then low-powered and long wavelength) klystron technology for their radar system microwave generation, while the Allies used the far more powerful but frequency-drifting technology of the cavity magnetron for much shorter-wavelength centimetric microwave generation. Klystron tube technologies for very high-power applications, such as synchrotrons and radar systems, have since been developed.
  • The klystron tube transmitter operates in the S-band between 2.5 and 2.9 GHz in circular polarization with a peak power of 1.3 MW and a pulse duration of 1 μs and pulse repetition frequency between 325 and 1200 pps.
  • In the beginning of May 1959, the company announced its newly-produced giant klystron tube powered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s radar which recently established contact with planet Venus.
  • The US delegates then mentioned the Navy's work on a 10 cm wavelength radar, which could provide the required resolution with relatively small antennas, but their klystron tube had low power and was not practical.
  • Russell and Sigurd Varian used Litton klystron tube-making equipment in their family firm, Varian Associates.

  • WTVE received authorization by the Federal Communications Commission to terminate its analog signal "no earlier than September 30, 2008" after expressing severe concerns that the existing analog klystron tube transmitter was expected to fail.
  • A gyro-klystron is an amplifier that functions analogously to a klystron tube.
  • On February 26, 2008, the klystron tube that powered WNIT's transmitter failed, which reduced WNIT's analog signal strength to only 15 percent of its normal 1.38 million-watt effective radiated power.
  • The klystron, tube waveguide, is a beam tube including at least two apertured cavity resonators.
  • The first powerful sources of microwaves were invented at the beginning of World War II: the klystron tube by Russell and Sigurd Varian at Stanford University in 1937, and the cavity magnetron tube by John Randall and Harry Boot at Birmingham University, UK in 1940.

  • The best known result of this research was the klystron tube invented 1937 by Russell and Sigurd Varian, which is widely used as a high power source of microwaves to the present.
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