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Klystron {n}
klystron tube
Klystron {n}
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Übersetzung für 'klystron' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Klystron {n}tech.

klystron tube
Klystron {n}electr.
  • Klystron {n} = klystron tube
  • Klystron {n} = klystron
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  • During the Second World War, the Axis powers relied mostly on (then low-powered and long wavelength) klystron technology for their radar system microwave generation, while the Allies used the far more powerful but frequency-drifting technology of the cavity magnetron for much shorter-wavelength centimetric microwave generation.
  • This resulted in production of the "Heil tube", the first truly-practicable microwave generator, which slightly predated the (independent) invention of the klystron and subsequently the reflex klystron based on the same operating principle.
  • Sperry supported the work of a group of Stanford University inventors, led by Russell and Sigurd Varian, who had invented the klystron, and incorporated this technology and related inventions into their products.
  • In the beginning of May 1959, the company announced its newly-produced giant klystron tube powered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s radar which recently established contact with planet Venus.
  • A gyro-klystron is an amplifier that functions analogously to a klystron tube.

  • The twystron amplifies a source signal using a conventional klystron, which consists of a series of cylindrical resonant chambers fed with the source signal.
  • These linear accelerators used a 35 MW pulsed klystron that drove microwave cavities at a frequency of 3 GHz, which accelerated the electrons and positrons.
  • The reflex klystron is a klystron utilizing only a single apertured cavity resonator through which the beam of charged particles passes, first in one direction.
  • Returning to Stanford in 1945 as a full professor, he embarked on the construction of a series of linear accelerators based on klystron technology and of GeV performance.
  • The best known result of this research was the klystron tube invented 1937 by Russell and Sigurd Varian, which is widely used as a high power source of microwaves to the present.

  • Microwave tube designers took numerous steps to reduce microphonics in klystrons.
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