Übersetzung für 'km³' von Englisch nach Deutsch
cubic kilometer <km³> [Am.]
Kubikkilometer {m} <km³>
cubic kilometre <km³> [Br.]
Kubikkilometer {m} <km³>
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  • Kubikkilometer {m} <km³> = cubic kilometre <km³> [Br.]
  • Kubikkilometer {m} <km³> = cubic kilometer <km³> [Am.]
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  • As of the beginning of 2005, State Hydraulic Works supplied annually a total of around 2.5 km³ domestic water complying with drinking water standards.
  • According to the Utah Navajo Commission, the tribe could claim between one and two million acre feet (2.5 km³) of Colorado River water, which potentially could be worth billions of dollars.
  • An average annual surface water potential of 78.1 km³ has been assessed in this basin.
  • The reservoir is 149 km long, 28 km wide, and has an average depth of six meters. The total water volume is 13.5 km³.
  • 45 km³/a and evaporation which averages 0.29 km³/a cause a net change in the level of Lake Constance that is less when compared to the influence of the inflows and outflows.

  • The annual surface water potential of the basin has been assessed as 525 km³ in India, out of which 250 km³ is utilisable water.
  • The field is estimated to have reserves of up to 17 billion barrels (2.7 km³) of oil, with 3 billion barrels (0.5 km³) considered to be recoverable.
  • It has a mean flow rate of 320 m³/s through its lower half, with high seasonal variations. The river discharges 10 km³ per year into the Zambezi River.
  • 46 trillion cubic feet (42 km³) and 2.92 trillion cubic feet (84 km³), and production is slated to be around 630 million cubic feet/day (17.8×106m³) in 2020.
  • Historical groundwater recharge has been estimated at 4 km³/year, out of which 2 km³/year was estimated to discharge through springs into rivers (average 1977–2001).

  • 3 cubic kilometres are moved, so that coal and soil with a volume of about 18.6 km³ will be mined by the time the coal runs out in 2040.
  • The total ice cover is approximately 200 km² and has about 20 km³ of ice in volume.
  • The Timbisha Shoshone Homeland Act of 2000 provides for transfer to the Timbisha tribe of 2800 acres (11 km³) of land and an annual [...] of ground water around Scotty's Junction.
  • Drohobych Oblast ([...]; December 4, 1939 [...] May 21, 1959) was an oblast in the Ukrainian SSR. It had a territory of 9.6 thousands of km³ and, as of 1956, population of 853,000.
  • Its volume is 195 km³ and the ice is up to [...] thick. The highest point of the ice cap (at "Baldjökull" [...] at the northern end of Langjökull) is about [...] above sea level.

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