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VERB   to laager | laagered | laagered
laagering | laagers
SYNO laager | lager
to laager [make camp, esp. in a defensive position]
lagern [kampieren, bes. in einer Verteidigungs­stellung]
laager [S.Afr.]
Wagenburg {f}
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  • The Administration and the pilots later claimed that it was not known at the time that there were women and children in the laager.
  • Bouman designed the sculptural laager, or ring of ox-wagons, around the monument.
  • On their return to the laager, the men found that Retief had already left for Natal.
  • Often the wagons where employed as a mobile fortification called a laager, such as was the case at the Battle of Blood River.
  • The FA June meeting resolved that if farmers heard or saw anything definite to excite suspicions relative to the rising of natives they should report at once to Longden, and asked that spies should be placed on the district border as a precaution against a rising, and recommended that Melsetter township be the site for a laager in case it became necessary to form one.

  • A laager, also known as a wagon fort, is a fortification made of wagons joined together, usually in a circular shape, as an improvised military camp to safeguard those taking refuge inside.
  • On 16 October 1836 about 6 000 Matebele warriors attacked the laager of the Voortrekkers at Vechtkop.
  • The Commando was sent to assist the Free Staters at Paardeberg where General Piet Cronje and his laager was trapped. The Heidelbergers were then under the command of Commandant Cornelis Spruyt.
  • Muller sent him to the government laager on Tautesberg.
  • Holdsworth, attacked a Boer laager (wagon fort). Two women were killed, and 17 women and children taken captive.

  • This could partly help explain why Dambuza's forces were sitting on the ground close to the wagon laager when the Trekkers first saw them.
  • Given the state of disrepair of the local fort, the jail in Williamstown (Umhlali) was designated as a laager for the local farmers in 1878.
  • It takes its name from the latter farm, which in turn was named after a ford (Afrikaans: "drif", Dutch: "drift") at which a Boer commando laagered during the Mapoch War of 1882; a laager is "laer" in Afrikaans.
  • Meanwhile, Forbes formed a laager (improvised fort) about [...] from the southern bank.
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