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NOUN   a lab chemical | lab chemicals
lab chemical [coll.]
Laborchemikalie {f}
lab assistant
Laborgehilfe {m}
physics lab
Physiksaal {m}
consultant lab
Konsiliarlabor {n}
sequencing lab
Sequenzierlabor {n}
lab smock
Laborkittel {m}
lab coat
Laborkittel {m} [mantelartig]
concrete labBetonlabor {n}
lab testLabortest {m}
language labSprachlabor {n}
lab microscope
Labormikroskop {n}
lab [coll.]Labor {n}
living lab
Reallabor {n}
lab evidence
Laborbeweis {m}
lab result
Laborergebnis {n}
lab-grown {adj}im Labor gezüchtet
lab [coll.]
Laboratorium {n}
lab notebook [coll.]
Laborbuch {n}
lab stool [coll.]
Laborhocker {m}
lab workstation [coll.]
Laborarbeitsplatz {m}
lab apron [coll.]
Laborschürze {f}
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  • In the 1940s, researchers, originally at Dow's Chemical Physics Lab, led by Ray McIntire, found a way to make foamed polystyrene.
  • The second episode of the TV series "Seal Team" (season 1) focuses on a chemical weapons lab in an abandoned hospital, producing VX gas.
  • A miniature chemical analysis lab using an alpha particle backscatter device was used to determine the lunar surface soil consisted of basaltic rock.
  • Various professionals are involved in the chemical industry including chemical engineers, chemists and lab technicians.
  • Chemical measures of lipid concentration have long been the most-used clinical measurement, not because they have the best correlation with individual outcome, but because these lab methods are less expensive and more widely available.

  • There have been a few cases of exposure to americium, the worst case being that of chemical operations technician Harold McCluskey, who at the age of 64 was exposed to 500 times the occupational standard for americium-241 as a result of an explosion in his lab.
  • Established by the State Technology Superintendency in 1992, it is the approved lab for the inspection of imported and exported chemical and mining products.
  • He then worked in research at the Naval Research Lab and the Dow Chemical Company.
  • The Interactive Lab Primer is a site developed to provide tips to a variety of chemical experimentation skills.
  • In the process of checking the quality, specialists will check in the lab for physical and chemical characteristics such as pH determination, viscosity checks, appearance and odor evaluations.

  • The color film, color paper, photo chemical and digital mini-lab machine divisions have ceased operations.
  • They lose their powers after putting out a chemical fire.
  • Potentially infectious material must be decontaminated before disposal, either by adding a chemical such as bleach or isopropanol or by packaging for decontamination elsewhere.
  • Lab coats for example, are worn to protect against potential splashes of chemicals.
  • Other areas concerning the Department Homeland Security include nuclear and radiological forensics, chemical and biological agent detection using mass spectrometry and simulations of potential national hazards.

  • However, CertiChem's founder and neuroscience professor at the University of Texas at Austin, George Bittner, cautioned that green Nalgene bottles found in stores "aren't guaranteed to be safe since minor change to the chemical formula can introduce estrogens".
  • His work in British Columbia was on "nucleic acids and synthesis of many important biomolecules" according to the American Chemical Society.
  • Red imported fire ants can distinguish nestmates and non-nestmates through chemical communication and specific colony odours.
  • In addition to the mechanical boundary defined by seismic data, which reflects the transition from the rigid lithosphere to ductile asthenosphere, these include a thermal boundary layer, above which heat is transported by thermal conduction and below which heat is conduction largely by convection; a rheological boundary, where the viscosity drops below about 1021 Pa-s; and a chemical boundary layer, above which the mantle rock is depleted in volatiles and enriched in magnesium relative to the rock below.
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