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labanotation [Laban movement analysis]Laban-Notation {f} [selten] [Labanotation]
labanotation [Laban movement analysis] Labanotation {f} [System zur Analyse und Aufzeichnung menschlicher Bewegung]
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  • Labanotation {f} [System zur Analyse und Aufzeichnung menschlicher Bewegung] = labanotation [Laban movement analysis]
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  • In Labanotation, spotting is recorded as a face sign followed by the "spot hold" sign, which is a diamond shape (◊) with a dot in the center.
  • Hutchinson Guest studied labanotation with Sigurd Leeder at Dartington Hall in England in the 1930s and trained in modern dance and ballet.
  • A Labanotation wall art piece inspired by Rites of Spring hangs above the concession area.
  • Linda Ann Crist (1944 - 8 March 2005) was a noted labanotationist, documenting, writing, and teaching labanotation.
  • Motif description is often used as an alternative to Labanotation when information needs to be written down quickly.

  • Labanotation (or Kinetography Laban), a notation system for recording and analyzing movement, is used in LMA, but Labanotation is a separate system.
  • ASDN employs abstract symbols and is visually similar to Motif description, a subset of Labanotation that is also designed for speed of writing.
  • He was a dance coach/consultant for Sandwell and Dudley Borough Council in partnership with the region's development agency (Advantage West Midlands) and ran dance workshops throughout the West Midlands and also taught the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority's GCSE and A-level dance syllabi at various schools in the region including the A-level labanotation syllabus.
  • This ballet was documented in Labanotation by the Dance Notation Bureau in 1982.
  • Thirty-five of Doris Humphrey's dances are documented in Labanotation by the Dance Notation Bureau.

  • LMA concepts are used in a variety of contexts, and like Labanotation, its use requires extensive training.
  • Two versions of this dance were documented in Labanotation by the Dance Notation Bureau. The first was notated in 1967. The second was notated in 1981.
  • Labanotation is a record of the facts, the framework of the movement, so that it can be reproduced.
  • These symbols can be used as a notation system, like in Labanotation, to describe where a person is moving (to) in space.
  • The Dance Notation Bureau promoted the ideas of Labanotation.

  • Of his works, 50 are documented in Labanotation. In each completed score there is a section "Introductory Material," which includes topics such as: Casts, Stylistic Notes, as well as other Production information.
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