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NOUN   a labarum | labara
Labarum {n}
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Übersetzung für 'labarum' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Labarum {n}hist.relig.
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  • The zone takes its name from a curious event that occurred to Emperor Constantine the Great, when, during the Battle of Saxa Rubra (312), the "labarum" fell out of his hand.
  • The coat of arms is the labarum of the Praetorian Guard in gold on a red background.
  • The religious aspect of the conflict was reflected in Licinius drawing up his battle lines with images of the pagan gods of Rome prominently displayed, whilst Constantine's army fought under his talismanic Christian standard, the labarum.
  • The larger of the two strainers is engraved with the labarum and alpha and omega, their outlines traced with tiny straining holes.
  • This richly ornamented standard was called "labarum".

  • The "labarum", a standard in which Constantine the Great placed a Christogram, differed from the "vexillum" in that it was flat and retained its square shape, as seen in the medals of Theodosius the Great and others.
  • However, Father Fidel Fita thought the relation reversed, "labarum" being adapted from Basque, under Augustus Caesar's rule.
  • There is nowadays a contemporary interpretation of "cantabrum" called Cantabrian labarum, recognized by the Parliament of Cantabria as a representative symbol of the identity of the Cantabrian people and the values they hold.
  • This episode depicts the moments just before the Battle of Milvian Bridge, as Constantine (already crowned with a victor's laurels) presents his labarum.
  • The flag appeared in the form of a labarum, in the style of Roman legions.

  • Eusebius also left a description of the labarum, the military standard which incorporated the Chi-Rho sign, used by Emperor Constantine in his later wars against Licinius.
  • died in 337 AD) as displayed on his labarum (military standard) and on those of later Christian emperors of Rome.
  • A later Byzantine manuscript indicates that a jewelled labarum standard believed to have been that of Constantine was preserved for centuries, as an object of great veneration, in the imperial treasury at Constantinople.
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