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lagging behindnachhinkend
laggingGetrödel {n} [ugs.]
lagging {pres-p}zaudernd
Nacheilen {n}
lagging {adj} {pres-p}zögernd
Isolierung {f}
laggingVerzögerung {f}
lagging strand
nachfolgender Strang {m}
lagging demandschwache Nachfrage {f}
No lagging!Nicht zurückbleiben!
lagging indicator
nachlaufender Indikator {m}
lagging strand
diskontinuierlicher Strang {m}
lagging indicator
Spätindikator {m}
lagging [insulation]
Isolierschicht {f}
lagging loadinduktive Belastung {f}
lagging element
Totzeitglied {n} [Messtechnik]
lagging of phasePhasennacheilung {f}
lagging [insulating material]
Isoliermaterial {n}
lagging {adj} {pres-p} [contact, phase]
nacheilend [Kontakt, Phase]
behind {adv}auf der Rückseite
behind {adv}zurück
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  • , an Ancient Greek word meaning "deficiency" or "lagging behind".
  • The economic and environmental benefits of precision agriculture have also been confirmed in China, but China is lagging behind countries such as Europe and the United States because the Chinese agricultural system is characterized by small-scale family-run farms, which makes the adoption rate of precision agriculture lower than other countries.
  • The only art theft from the Doge's Palace was executed on 9 October 1991 by Vincenzo Pipino, who hid in one of the cells in the New Prisons after lagging behind a tour group, then crossed the Bridge of Sighs in the middle of the night to the Sala di Censori.
  • The arm carrying the flow away from the axis of rotation must exert a force on the fluid to accelerate the flowing mass to the vibrating speed of the tubes at the outside (increase of absolute angular momentum), so it is lagging behind the overall vibration.
  • Procurement of heavy weapons is still lagging behind due to shortage of funding for the armed forces, however donations by the US Armed Forces have helped Croatia to gap some of the shortfalls.

  • The economy is largely agricultural based and is lagging behind in urbanization and development.
  • The bank was previously recognized as a customer service leader in third party surveys, but the 2010 CHOICE consumer survey showed customer satisfaction was on par with the "big four", lagging behind small credit providers.
  • According to "University World News", however, "The PAU project continues in other regions although Southern Africa has been lagging behind".
  • While the program has been in place for more than a decade and results can be seen in the public sector, the private sector is still lagging behind with citizens only representing 0.34% of the private sector workforce.
  • The development of public roads in Ukraine is currently lagging behind the pace of motorisation in the country.

  • The car was produced through 1991, again lagging behind its Japan-market twin, the Mazda Luce, by one year.
  • Strauss managed to keep his place for the India tour and immediately rewarded the selectors by making 123 in the first innings of the first Test match with the rest of the batting lagging behind.
  • These losses manifest themselves in a phenomenon called phase imbalance, where the current is out of phase (lagging behind or ahead) with the voltage.
  • Slackware version numbers were lagging behind other distributions, and this led many users to believe it was out of date even though the bundled software versions were similar.
  • While not generally noticeable, this can result in the display of older video games lagging behind controller input.

  • While lagging behind Cadillac for three years to downsize its model range, the redesign of the Continental provided Lincoln with the best year-to-year fuel economy improvement (38%) in Ford history.
  • Product market liberalisation is lagging behind many EU countries according to the OECD.
  • The Bush campaign enjoyed two major successes in the beginning of October where the mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, endorsed Bush and a few days later a Quinnipiac Poll showed that Bush was matching Gore in New York, but was lagging behind Bill Bradley.
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