Übersetzung für 'lagomorphs' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   a lagomorph | lagomorphs
lagomorphs [order Lagomorpha]
Hasenartige {pl}
lagomorphs [order Lagomorpha]
Hasentiere {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'lagomorphs' von Englisch nach Deutsch

lagomorphs [order Lagomorpha]
Hasenartige {pl}zool.T

Hasentiere {pl}zool.T
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  • The red rock hares are the four species in the genus "Pronolagus". They are African lagomorphs of the family Leporidae.
  • While they may appear to be rodents, rabbits and hares belong in their own family, the lagomorphs.
  • It preys foremost on small mammals such as lagomorphs and rodents, but also on ground-dwelling birds.
  • "Anagale" is an extinct genus of mammal from the early Oligocene of Mongolia. Its closest living relatives are the rodents and lagomorphs.
  • "Ethegotherium" was a member of the Hegetotheriidae, a group of small-sized Notoungulates, similar in appearance to lagomorphs.

  • The extinction of the small size notoungulate occurred during a period of climate change, to which rodents and lagomorphs may have been better adapted.
  • Astigalidae is an extinct family of mammals related to the rodents and lagomorphs. Members of the family are known from the Paleocene and Eocene of China.
  • Anagalidae is an extinct family of mammals closely related to rodents and lagomorphs. Members of the family are known from Paleocene to Oligocene deposits in China and Mongolia.
  • Rodents and lagomorphs (jackrabbits, hares, other rabbits) are more abundant around hedgerows in orchards here, in a survey by Sellers "et al.", 2018.
  • Mice are mammals of the clade (a group consisting of an ancestor and all its descendants) Euarchontoglires, which means they are amongst the closest non-primate relatives of humans along with lagomorphs, treeshrews, and flying lemurs.

  • During this time, lagomorphs and hyaenodonts disperse out of India, establishing their cosmopolitan ranges.
  • "Shamolagus" is an extinct genus of lagomorphs that lived in present-day China and Mongolia during the Eocene epoch.
  • In 1891 Santiago Ramón y Cajal described slender horizontal bipolar cells he had found in an histological preparation of the developing marginal zone of lagomorphs.
  • This species was possibly a herbivore like other living lagomorphs.
  • Euarchontoglires (synonymous with Supraprimates) is a clade and a superorder of mammals, the living members of which belong to one of the five following groups: rodents, lagomorphs, treeshrews, colugos, and primates.

  • In rabbits, hares, and lagomorphs, clinical signs usually do not appear.
  • According to the traditional (morphological) view, Anagaloidea is part of the superorder Anagalida, along with the elephant shrews, rodents and lagomorphs.
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