Übersetzung für 'lain' von Englisch nach Deutsch
VERB   to lie | lay | lain
lying | lies
lain {past-p}gelegen
sb./sth. has / had lainjd./etw. hat / hatte gelegen
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Übersetzung für 'lain' von Englisch nach Deutsch

lain {past-p}

sb./sth. has / had lain
jd./etw. hat / hatte gelegen
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • It was built in 1238-41 by Count Frederick III of Leiningen. The French destroyed it in 1690 and it has lain in ruins since that time.
  • Salamanders in the genus "Necturus" (mudpuppies) are a salamander species with simply-lain myomeres, unlike the complex nature of bony fishes.
  • Since 1990, Bürgstadt has lain on the "Fränkischer Rotwein Wanderweg" ("Franconian Red Wine Hiking Trail").
  • Her mother had indeed lain with Zeus, but Helena Sandsmark forbade Diana or anyone from revealing the truth to Cassie.
  • Other notable individuals, several of them being the chief justice of the United States, have lain in state in the United States Supreme Court Building while other individuals such as Ronald H.

  • "Death in Ecstasy" was adapted for Saturday Night Theatre in 1969. Peter Howell portrayed Alleyn, with his name being pronounced "Al-lain".
  • His latest books of poetry are "Don Quixote" (2011) and "70 Puisi" (70 Poems). His plays are published in "Tan Malaka dan Tiga Lakon lain".
  • Other than religious leaders such as popes, famous people have lain in state or been carried in procession to their burial place on a catafalque.
  • Chief engineer of the Gilgamesh and its eventual de facto leader, Lain is often forced to hold the ship together in the face of near-insurmountable technological breakdown.
  • The character design of Lain was not ABe's sole responsibility.

  • After having lain under asphalt for 27 years, May 16 Square was subsequently redeveloped, and was reopened on July 5, 1999.
  • Agribusinesses' costs par lain ropes (mopes) autos' cores.
  • Forfey Festival was founded in 2006 by Matt Minford, bassist and vocalist of SixStarHotel. His family (still) own Forfey Farm, and for a number of years it had lain largely unused.
  • In 2013 a body that had lain undiscovered for two years was found on Box Hill. It was identified as missing teacher Brian Hynard who had left two suicide notes before disappearing.
  • The stop is beneath the Adenauerallee, directly lain at the Bundesrechnungshof.

  • Lorraine died in 1702, aged roughly 59, from a fit of apoplexy, having lain with women the night before.
  • Heads of state from over 70 countries have lain wreaths in memoriam of the Unknown Warrior.
  • Ms Gillingham's complaints about how her situation was subsequently handled by Mr March and his church form the basis of an informal investigation conducted by the Ven.
  • It is also commonly called "laining" ("lein" is also spelt "lain", "leyn", "layn"; from the Yiddish [...] , which means "to read").
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