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land reclamation works [at the coast]
Landgewinnungs­arbeiten {pl} [an der Küste]
land reclamationLandgewinnung {f}
land reclamationNeulandgewinnung {f}
land reclamation
Landrückgewinnung {f}
reclamation of landNeulandgewinnung {f}
reclamation of land
Landgewinnung {f}
land reclamation for agriculture
agrarische Landnahme {f}
reclamationRückgewinnung {f}
reclamationRückforderung {f}
Fruchtbarmachung {f} [z. B. von Wüste]
reclamationZurückforderung {f}
reclamationBeanstandung {f}
Abbau {m} von Halden
Urbarmachung {f}
Beschwerde {f}
reclamationEinspruch {m}
energy reclamation
Energierückgewinnung {f}
complete reclamationvöllige Wiedergewinnung {f}
reclamation yard [Br.]
Bergehof {m}
reclamation plough [Br.]
Umbruchpflug {m}
reclamation [of land]Landgewinnung {f}
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  • The construction works also made a small number of archeological finds, including a 19th-century dual-trigger pistol, and various remains of old wharves and retaining walls thought to have been used in the land reclamation works that created Victoria Park.
  • The islanders were all resettled onto the mainland by the 1980s due to Singapore's urbanisation and land reclamation works were carried out by the government to merge Pulau Tekong Kechil with the larger Pulau Tekong.
  • Land reclamation works were carried out on the island from 1975 to the 1990s, as there were plans to build residential buildings on the southern part of the island.
  • The enormous area once covered by water and marshes has for mostly disappeared today, in the wake of the great land reclamation works that were concluded in the 1930s.
  • The current town grew up around the medieval castle called "Castello delle Ripe", attracting people on the hill after the Etruscan land reclamation works in the area were gradually abandoned.

  • Tanah Merah means 'red earth' in Malay, which is derived from the red lateritic cliffs along the coast that were once visible from the sea (most of which were leveled into the sea for land reclamation works).
  • A site at the former Queen's Dock on the north bank of the Clyde at Finnieston, which had closed to navigation in 1969, was selected. Land reclamation works started in 1982 using rubble from the demolished St Enoch railway station.
  • The sediment transport mechanisms in the estuary and lower Fergus are also influenced by historical land reclamation works.
  • Besides the provision of public housing, the HDB handles land reclamation works in Singapore and maintains the infrastructure of Singapore's national resource stockpiles.
  • Massive land reclamation works over the past centuries has merged many of Singapore's former islands and islets and has created a few larger ones.

  • However, due to the land reclamation works in the harbour and the maintenance of the boats, all trips have been suspended.
  • Despite much land-reclamation works along most coastal parts of Jurong and Tuas, Selat Sembilan still exists today as Selat Jurong, stretching along the entire coastline of the region.
  • island has undergone extensive land reclamation works for military use on its southern and northwestern coasts subsuming many of its surrounding small islets, including the former [...] Pulau Tekong Kechil (Small Tekong Island).
  • The land reclamation works includes: removal of structures; removal of residual contamination; re-profiling of colliery spoil tips; removal of coal workings and mine entries; and provision of surface drainage.
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