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laparoscopically {adv}
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Übersetzung für 'laparoscopically' von Englisch nach Deutsch

laparoscopically {adv}
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  • In gastropexy, the stomach is tacked to the right side of the abdominal wall, so it cannot shift or twist. The procedure can be conducted laparoscopically.
  • Although it is technically possible to apply either Seprafilm or Interceed laparoscopically, neither product is approved for this use in the U.S.
  • It can usually be performed by a keyhole approach or laparoscopically.
  • Hernias are also able to be repaired laparoscopically.
  • A less invasive procedure (L-RPLND) can be performed laparoscopically, but this is more costly and time-consuming, and requires specialized equipment that not every hospital has.

  • The procedure is generally performed laparoscopically and is irreversible.
  • In bariatric surgery, hernias are repaired laparoscopically anteriorly, rather than posteriorly as in the fundoplication procedure.
  • Bessler was among the first surgeons to perform bariatric surgery laparoscopically in the United States.
  • It can be done by an open technique (a skin incision at the lower abdomen), or laparoscopically.
  • Another option that is slowly becoming available is minimally invasive surgery (MIS) which is performed laparoscopically and thoracoscopically.

  • There are multiple ways the operation can be done: with open surgery (via a large incision through the lower abdomen), laparoscopically with the help of a robot (a type of minimally invasive surgery), through the urethra or through the perineum.
  • Occasionally they may be managed laparoscopically.
  • If identified early, before presumed intestinal wall ischemia has resulted in tissue breakdown and necrosis, the cecal volvulus can be detorsed laparoscopically.
  • Rectopexy and anterior resection have been performed laparoscopically with good results.
  • In February 2007, he had a LapBand fitted laparoscopically and, by 2011, his weight reduced to 102 kg (12 stone).

  • The benefit is that a more aggressive technique may be employed to resect a colonic mass or polyp: An injury such as a perforation would be visualized and a repair could be attempted laparoscopically immediately.
  • If symptomatic, they can be laparoscopically decorticated - removal of the outer layer or cortex.
  • Procedures are usually performed laparoscopically, though open surgery may be required if prior bariatric surgery has resulted in extensive scarring.
  • In 1999, McMahon started to undertake laparoscopic surgery for obesity, calling upon the experience of his colleagues who were performing the operations by traditional surgery; helping him to carry them out laparoscopically.
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