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NOUN   a laparotomy | laparotomies
Laparotomie {f}
abdominal laparotomy
Bauchschnitt {m}
emergency laparotomy
Notfall-Laparotomie {f} [auch: Notfalllaparotomie]
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  • Treatment consists of painkillers and surgical ablation of the dilated vein. This can be accomplished with open abdominal surgery (laparotomy) or keyhole surgery (laparoscopy).
  • Madelung specialized in abdominal surgery, and is known for his pioneer work with intestinal anastomoses and laparotomy.
  • Early visualization of fluid in the hepatorenal recess on FAST scan may be an indication for urgent laparotomy.
  • A second look laparotomy may be used to assess tumour status in clinical trials, but is not a staple of standard care due to a lack of association with improved outcomes.
  • All types of vagotomy can be performed at open surgery (laparotomy) or using minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopy).

  • For over a century, laparotomy (open appendectomy) was the standard treatment for acute appendicitis.
  • There have been cases where ectopic pregnancy lasted many months and ended in a live baby delivered by laparotomy.
  • They are most frequently found incidentally on pelvic examination or at laparotomy. Brenner tumours very rarely can occur in other locations, including the testes.
  • Although previously a victim of abdominal stabbing would be subject to exploratory surgery laparotomy, it is now considered safe not to operate if the patient is stable.
  • He died on February 20, 1893, at the Roosevelt Hospital in New York City, from "a complication of diseases" and after a laparotomy had been performed.

  • Exploratory laparotomy originated as a technique for the treatment of acute trauma.
  • Hysterectomy by abdominal laparotomy is correlated with much higher incidence of intestinal adhesions than other techniques.
  • In diagnostic laparotomy (most often referred to as an exploratory laparotomy and abbreviated ex-lap), the nature of the disease is unknown, and laparotomy is deemed the best way to identify the cause.
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