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SYNO biggish | largish
largish {adj}größer [ziemlich groß]
largish {adj}ziemlich groß
largish sum of moneyhöherer Betrag {m}
largish sum of moneygrößerer Geldbetrag {m}
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  • The festival was known for attracting a largish audience for free improvisation, modern jazz composition and all kinds of British modern jazz in general.
  • The males have two largish vocal sacks.
  • An ancient food source for the Maori, who named it rori, a common name for a largish slug-like marine animal.
  • The species of "Palaeospheniscus" were medium-sized to largish penguins, ranging from "P. gracilis" with an estimated maximal length of 55 cm to "P. wimani", which reached up to 73 cm.
  • A typical plec shape is shown, patternation consists of primarily irregular largish brown spots on a yellowish backgroung giving a honeycombed like appearance, additional pattern features common to related species may be visible on close inspection.

  • There is a roof balustrade and a largish, octagonal cupola.
  • Gathorne-Hardy described Smith as "a largish man with a stoop that disguised his height".
  • He also laid the stone for the Bridger Coal and Improvement Company's largish (...) machine shop building, in 1911.
  • The tawny eagle lives in multiple areas where other broadly similar brownish hued and largish raptors often occur. Thus identification is seldom straightforward.
  • As with any largish "Opuntia" in the USA, "O. anahuacensis" has been mistaken for other species. It is commonly misidentified as "O. lindheimeri" and less commonly as "O. bentonii".

  • The lesser yellownape is a largish species at 27 cm in length.
  • This bulbous iris has narrow linear green leaves and bears largish blue to yellow to white flowers.
  • The engine is essentially the four-cylinder engine of the preceding 25 hp car which chief engineer C E King had modified adding an overhead valve head and, because such largish engines now usually had six-cylinders for smoothness, the harmonic balancer invented by Dr F W Lanchester at the centre of its crankshaft.
  • Both wings are violet blue with a brown termen. The forewings have a brown dash and the hindwings have two largish anal yellow spots. The underside of both wings is dull brownish grey.
  • The African wattled lapwing ("Vanellus senegallus"), also known as the Senegal wattled plover or simply wattled lapwing, is a large lapwing, a group of largish waders in the family Charadriidae.

  • The spur-winged lapwing or spur-winged plover ("Vanellus spinosus") is a lapwing species, one of a group of largish waders in the family Charadriidae.
  • This species is distinguished from others in the genus by its largish, projecting flowers, usually pinkish colouring, and broad dorsal sepal and labellum.
  • Like this species, Pyralini are usually largish snout moths; some are boldly colored (often in bright brown to yellow hues) by standards of their family.
  • "Chrysops relictus", the twin-lobed deerfly, is a largish European and Asian deerfly of about [...] length, The larvae feed upon organic matter in damp soils, and are termed hydrobionts in that they inhabit areas of high water content.
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