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to lark around [Br.]herumalbern [ugs.]
to lark around [Br.] [coll.] [tease each other]sich necken
to lark around [Br.] [coll.] [tease each other]einander necken
to lark around [coll.]herumblödeln [ugs.]
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to lark around with sth.mit etw.Dat. herumspielen
lark / lark's heel [Consolida regalis, formerly: Delphinium consolida] [royal knight's-spur]
(Gewöhnlicher) Feldrittersporn {m} [Ackerrittersporn]
black-crowned sparrow-lark / sparrow lark [Eremopterix nigriceps]
Weißstirnlerche {f}
Lerche {f}
lark [Br.]Spaß {m}
to lark [Br.]herumtollen
lark mirror
Lerchenspiegel {m}
lark [Br.]Streich {m} [den man jdm. spielt]
lark species
Lerchenart {f}
lark [prank]Jux {m} [ugs.]
to have a larkSpaß haben
rum lark [Br.]seltsame Geschichte {f}
to lark about [coll.]herumblödeln [ugs.]
to lark about [coll.]herumalbern [ugs.]
melodious lark [Mirafra cheniana]
Spottlerche {f}
lark-sparrow [Chondestes grammacus]
Rainammer {f} [fachspr. auch {m}]
Degodi lark [Mirafra degodiensis]
Degodilerche {f}
Kordofan lark [Mirafra cordofanica]
Kordofanlerche {f}
lark finch [Chondestes grammacus]
Rainammer {f} [fachspr. auch {m}]
field lark [Sturnella magna]
Östlicher Lerchenstärling {m}
Sidamo lark [Heteromirafra sidamoensis]
Sidamospornlerche {f}
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  • The rufous wing bars are diagnostic but care must be taken not to confuse the bird with Jerdon's bush lark in the central Western Ghats and country around where their ranges overlap.
  • The lake fed water to the Bleecker Reservoir where it was used by portions of the city west of Pearl Street to the area around Lark Street.
  • The members of "Melanocorypha" occur mainly in temperate Asia from Turkey through central Asia to China, but the calandra lark also has an extensive European distribution around the Mediterranean.
  • This area is located near the Lark River Valley and was settled from around AD 420–650.
  • Clifton (like some of Nottingham's other estates) has benefitted in recent years from some redevelopment and regeneration work such as the Lark Hill walled community for the elderly, but the estate as a whole still attracts a lot of anti-social behaviour, particularly around the shops and tram stops.

  • The magpie-lark is a familiar sight around Australia; sitting on telephone wires either singly or in pairs, or patrolling patches of bare ground, especially foreshores or swamps.
  • The family Alaudidae contains 100 extant species which are divided into 21 genera: The smallest larks are likely the "Spizocorys" species, which can weigh only around [...] in species like the pink-billed lark and the Obbia lark, while the largest lark is the Tibetan lark.
  • The eggs are incubated for around 12 days. The young are fed by both parents and take an additional 12 days or so to fledge.
  • The land around Great Yeldham is principally used for arable farming and some livestock rearing.
  • The lesser coucal is now one of around 30 species placed in the genus "Centropus" that was introduced in 1811 by the German zoologist Johann Karl Wilhelm Illiger.

  • He drew the covers for twenty-three of the twenty-five issues of the first "The Invisibles" series and also returned to "Hellblazer" (switching from artwork and covers to just covers after around 20 issues) between 1995 and 1998.
  • He decided after seeing the running boy that he didn't want to fly around any more because it made him sad.
  • He was born in Southwell, Nottinghamshire but moved to London around 1790.
  • Stan Freberg created a famous commercial for Jeno's Pizza Rolls built around the association of the Finale in the public mind with the Lone Ranger.
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