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NOUN   lasciviousness | -
SYNO carnality | lasciviousness | lubricity | ...
lasciviousnessLüsternheit {f}
lasciviousnessLaszivität {f} [laszive Art]
lasciviousness [of book etc.]Schlüpfrigkeit {f} [fig.]
lasciviousnessGeilheit {f}
lasciviousness [unchastity]Unzucht {f} [veraltet]
lasciviousness [exciting sexual desires; salaciousness]sexuelle Ausstrahlung {f}
Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, ... [Galatians 5:19; KJV]
Offenbar sind aber die Werke des Fleisches, als da sind: Ehebruch, Hurerei, Unreinigkeit, Unzucht, ... [Galater 5,19; Luther 1912]
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  • This was Geisler's fourth acts of lasciviousness/unjust vexation accusation, the other three are with Patrizha Martinez, Yasmien Kurdi and Julia Clarete, respectively.
  • During the first semester of 1999 alone, there were 2,393 children who fell prey to rape, attempted rape, incest, acts of lasciviousness and prostitution.
  • He was active in the Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge and greatly concerned with the lasciviousness and "impiety" of the English stage.
  • The abbey lubber is a minor demon that haunts the wine cellars and kitchens of abbeys, tempting the monks into drunkenness, gluttony and lasciviousness.
  • The night before, his lover Madonna acts like she was victimized by a guard who overheard her conversations, so the old man killed the guard, and warned that anybody who looks at her with lasciviousness will get snuffed out.

  • The song's lasciviousness helped inspire Naomi Weisstein to form the Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band.
  • Jalosjos, who was accused of rape in 1996, was originally convicted by the Makati Regional Trial Court, and sentenced to two life terms aside from penalties from six counts of lasciviousness, but still won reelection in 2001.
  • Iceland had recently adopted Lutheranism, and the laws were enacted to reduce moral licentiousness and sexual lasciviousness in the country.
  • Her daughter accused Geisler of acts of lasciviousness.
  • Frank's character for lasciviousness?" The answers were usually "bad".

  • The Victorian pornographic bibliographer Henry Spencer Ashbee comments that: "The scenes depicted, many of which are doubtless from the author's own experience, and may be to a certain extent autobiographical, are remarkable for an ultra-lasciviousness, and a cynicism worthy of the Marquis de Sade".
  • by the inmates because of her cruelty and lasciviousness toward prisoners.
  • "Prurient" was defined as material that incites lasciviousness or lust.
  • In Sedley's view, female spectators with their increasing demand for morals and manners on the stage, showed a particular dislike of this kind of lasciviousness in comedy.
  • Casimero is facing a case of “Acts of lasciviousness and RA 7610”; the case involves the alleged molestation of a 17-year-old, whom the boxer had invited to his hotel room in Taguig last June 7, 2021.

  • For example, "I go home liao, den (two beats) call you" will imbue the subtext with a questionable sense of irony, a lasciviousness for seduction (three beats), or just general inappropriateness (random two beats indicating a Hong Kong comedy-influenced moleitou [...] Singaporean sense of humour).
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