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laser cooling
Laserkühlung {f}
gallium arsenide laser <GaL, GaAs laser>
Gallium-Arsenidlaser {m} <GaAs-Laser>
carbon dioxide laser <CO2 laser>
Kohlendioxidlaser {m} <CO2-Laser>
continuous-wave laser <cw laser>
cw-Laser {m} [auch: CW-Laser]
carbon monoxide laser <CO laser>
Kohlenmonoxidlaser {m} <CO-Laser>
Fabry-Pérot laser <FP laser>
Fabry-Pérot-Laser {m} <FP-Laser>
helium-neon laser <HeNe laser>
Helium-Neon-Laser {m}
continuous-wave laser <cw laser>
Dauerstrichlaser {m}
atom laser
Atomlaser {m}
laser altimeter
Laseraltimeter {n}
UV laser
UV-Laser {m}
laser-welded {adj}
laser-surgical {adj}
laser writer
Laserdrucker {m}
laser camera
Laserkamera {f}
laser designator
Lasermarkierer {m}
laser probe
Lasersonde {f}
laser stapedotomy
Laser-Stapedotomie {f}
laser stapedotomy
Laserstapedotomie {f}
laser intensityLaserintensität {f}
laser spectrometer
Laserspektrometer {n}
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  • Later ideas (2017) include laser inversion along the same lines as laser cooling (normally used at cryogenic temperatures) but intended to cool the top 1mm of water.
  • In quantum physics, laser cooling is used to achieve temperatures of near absolute zero (−273.15 °C, −459.67 °F) of atomic and molecular samples to observe unique quantum effects that can only occur at this heat level.
  • The Zeeman effect is utilized in many laser cooling applications such as a magneto-optical trap and the Zeeman slower.
  • At the advent of laser cooling techniques, Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism had already led to the quantification of electromagnetic radiation exerting a force (radiation pressure).
  • (150 billionths of one kelvin) using infrared laser cooling.

  • Resolved sideband cooling is a laser cooling technique allowing cooling of tightly bound atoms and ions beyond the Doppler cooling limit, potentially to their motional ground state.
  • Opposite to exciting or amplifying motion, light can also damp the motion of objects. Laser cooling is a method of cooling materials very close to absolute zero by converting some of material's motional energy into light.
  • In 1997 he won the Nobel Prize in Physics together with Claude Cohen-Tannoudji and Steven Chu for his contributions to laser cooling, a technique to slow the movement of gaseous atoms in order to better study them, at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and especially for his invention of the Zeeman slower.
  • He shared the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics with Steven Chu and William Daniel Phillips for research in methods of laser cooling and trapping atoms.
  • Buffer gas cooling, resistive cooling, and laser cooling are techniques to remove energy from ions in a Penning trap.

  • One possible approach is to purify useful elements from the jets using extremely large-scale mass spectrometry, cool them by laser cooling, and condense them on particles of dust for collection.
  • Rubidium, particularly vaporized 87Rb, is one of the most commonly used atomic species employed for laser cooling and Bose–Einstein condensation.
  • After obtaining his doctorate he joined Carl Wieman at the University of Colorado Boulder as a postdoctoral researcher on a small laser cooling experiment.
  • A technique that has recent success is "laser cooling".
  • The team further integrated thermophoresis with laser cooling to develop opto-refrigerative tweezers to avoid thermal damages for noninvasive optical trapping and manipulation.

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