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NOUN   a lass | lasses
lasses [coll.]Mädels {pl} [ugs.]
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Übersetzung für 'lasses' von Englisch nach Deutsch

lasses [coll.]
Mädels {pl} [ugs.]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The four African people known as the "More lasses" stayed with Hommyll in November 1504.
  • Meanwhile, the three boys are also planning to win the hearts of village lasses, Nani, Salmah and Eton, by taking part in the inter-school drama competition even though both Ajis and Sudin are fearful of appearing on stage.
  • Free from surprise, serenely sleep, ye lasses.
  • To the Provallya steppe with "Komsomol travel vouchers" arrived over 2,000 lads and lasses from Odessa and Chernivtsi regions and Moldavia to build over a span of year five mines on the northern slope of the Burhustyn gulch.
  • The pub scenes - the only parts of the film in which the characters talk, as the home scenes are narrated by the adult Karen Watson - involve a group of men discussing sexually abusive fathers, and are used to underline popular conceptions and misconceptions of the issue ("All these lasses gotta do is say no", ventures one man).

  • The growing population of free settlers, former convicts and Australian-born currency lads and lasses led to public demands for representative government.
  • The queen left for Edinburgh with her household servants, including African women known as the "More lasses", who went first to Inverkeithing.
  • His published songs include "County Guy" and "The lasses with a simpering air" (1824? ...
  • Hugh Herbert had adapted William Maier's 1949 novel "Pleasure Island" for the screen, and was looking for three authentic English lasses to play the ingenue roles.
  • Mosman looked after four African people, known as the "More lasses" and probably including Ellen More, at North Queensferry and Inverkeithing.

  • As a child, and known as "Lady Margaret" she lived at Edinburgh Castle in the care of Sir Patrick Crichton and his wife, Katrine Turing, where her attendants and companions included Marjory Lindsay and the African servants who were called the "More lasses", Margaret and Ellen More.
  • On 26 November James IV gave the woman who had brought the "More lasses" from Fife 4 shillings.
  • In the following year he took part in a frolic at Audley End, where the queen, the Duchess of Richmond, and the Duchess of Buckingham disguised themselves as country lasses and went to see the fair.
  • In common with many collieries on the Lancashire Coalfield, women, known as "Pit brow lasses" were employed on the surface to sort coal on the screens at the pit head.
  • The surface workers included women, known as pit brow lasses, who sorted coal on the screens.

  • As part of the National Coal Board in 1958, Ellerbeck Colliery employed 411 men and women who worked as "pit brow lasses", it closed in 1965.
  • Some of the surface workers were women, known as pit brow lasses, who sorted coal on the screens at the pit head.
  • Emotions are stirred when the ladettes challenge some local lasses to a midnight steeple chase. Success goes to Nicole's head and she treats everyone to a strip tease.
  • Although pit-brow lasses worked above ground at the pit-head, their task of sorting and shovelling coal involved hard manual labour, so wearing the usual long skirts of the time would have greatly hindered their movements.
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