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latissimus [Musculus latissimus dorsi]
Latissimus {m}
latissimus dorsi (muscle) [Musculus latissimus dorsi]
großer Rückenmuskel {m}
latissimus dorsi (muscle) [Musculus latissimus dorsi]
Schürzenbindermuskel {m}
latissimus dorsi (muscle) [Musculus latissimus dorsi]
Arskratzermäuslein {n} [veraltet]
latissimus dorsi muscle [Musculus latissimus dorsi]
großer Rückenmuskel {m} [auch: M. latissimus dorsi]
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  • Latissimus {m} = lat [coll.] [latissimus dorsi]
  • Latissimus {m} = latissimus [Musculus latissimus dorsi]
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  • The latissimus dorsi (...) is a large, flat muscle on the back that stretches to the sides, behind the arm, and is partly covered by the trapezius on the back near the midline.
  • The pectoralis major, teres major, and latissimus dorsi insert at the "intertubercular groove" of the humerus. They work to adduct and medially, or internally, rotate the humerus.
  • The "lat" sometimes added before "pull-down" commonly refers to the latissimus dorsi used in the movement.
  • The thoracodorsal nerve innervates the latissimus dorsi muscle on its deep surface.
  • This exercise requires an intense contraction of the gluteal, abdominal and latissimus muscles.

  • merriami" and that of "Argentavis magnificens" in a number of ways, but most prominently in the fact that the facies dorsalis is fairly flat for the length of the attachment of the M. latissimus dorsi, becoming slightly convex near its distal end, and that the "facies posterioris" and "facies dorsalis" meet at a near right angle, with line of insertion of the "M.
  • Static contraction movements include pullovers, straight-arm pulldowns and bent-over lateral raises, which are also used to build the deltoids and latissimus dorsi.
  • The anterior abdominal aponeuroses are located just superficial to the rectus abdominis muscle. It has for its borders the external oblique, pectoralis muscles, and the latissimus dorsi.
  • The axillary arch is a variant of the latissimus dorsi muscle in humans.
  • "Mecyclothorax latissimus" is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily Psydrinae.

  • This phalloplasty method is from latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flap.
  • After sustaining a grade 2 latissimus dorsi muscle strain, the Cardinals placed Walden back on the DL to start the 2016 season.
  • It is very thin over the upper part of the pectoralis major, but thicker in the interval between it and the latissimus dorsi, where it closes in the axillary space and forms the "axillary fascia"; it divides at the lateral margin of the latissimus dorsi into two layers, one of which passes in front of, and the other behind it; these proceed as far as the spinous processes of the thoracic vertebrae, to which they are attached.
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