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NOUN   a latrine | latrines
latrineLatrine {f}
latrineAbtrittsgrube {f} [veraltet]
ungeprüft latrine [sanitary facility, as in a barracks, camp, etc] Gemeinschaftsklosett {f} [veraltend] [Toilettenanlage, wie in einer Kaserne, einem Lager, usw.]
2 Wörter
bucket latrineKübellatrine {f}
flush-latrineabziehende Latrine {f}
latrine fatigue
Latrinendienst {m}
latrine seat [esp. mil.]Donnerbalken {m} [Sitzstange]
latrine trenchLatrinengraben {m}
pit latrineGrubenlatrine {f}
pit latrinePlumpsklo {n} [ugs.]
pit latrinePlumpsklosett {n} [ugs.]
3 Wörter
(ordinary) pit latrine Scheißhaus {n} [im Hof bzw. auf dem Anwesen befindlich] [ugs.]
Erfurt latrine disaster
Erfurter Latrinensturz {m}
pour-flush latrineLatrinenspülklosett {n}
5+ Wörter
hole-in-the-ground latrineDonnerbalken {m} [ugs.]
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
latrine fly [Fannia scalaris]
Latrinenfliege {f}
latrine fly [Fannia scalaris]
Abtrittsfliege {f} [Latrinenfliege]
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  • Latrine {f} = latrine
  • Latrine {f} [Trockenklosett] = dry closet [Br.]
  • abziehende Latrine {f} = flush-latrine
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  • Households must build their own ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine, and larger latrine blocks are built at schools.
  • The next building encountered along the driveway was the Male Latrine, which was located on the north side of the driveway and comprised a single "c series" (c.12) military hut.
  • The latrine was a bucket, and no furniture was provided.
  • The latrine is located near the dressing room of the baths.
  • A latrine, (Western style, or squat style) pour-flush latrine, is placed over the top. The S-shaped water seal improves hygiene, compared to pit latrines.

  • These are mainly related to the supply of durable and affordable latrine hardware and technical support on latrine construction.
  • A pit latrine may or may not count towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) target of increasing access to sanitation for the world's population, depending on the type of pit latrine: A pit latrine without a slab is regarded as unimproved sanitation and does not count towards the target.
  • Congestion at water access points and poor latrine coverage are also big challenges.
  • A small minority of these houses have access to sanitary latrine (29.2%), majority have non-sanitary latrine (60.4%) and 10.4% do not have toilet facilities available.
  • One aspect of sanitation infrastructure that is a major determinant of environmental health in slums is the latrine.

  • A latrine is a toilet or an even simpler facility that is used as a toilet within a sanitation system.
  • The student pit latrine ratio for boys is 1:25 and for girls it is 1:20.
  • Some variants of Buddhism incorporate a belief in Ucchuṣma, the "god of the latrine", who is said to destroy defilement.
  • The Greek noun aphedron is a term for latrine.
  • Three basic types are available to communities to meet different cultural preference for latrine facilities.

  • There is a lack of sanitary latrine facilities. Out of a total of 124 homes: 67 use open defection, 54 use a group latrine with regular water supply, none use a clean group latrine with regular water supply and a regular sweeper and only 3 use a private latrine.
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