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life in the suburbsVorstadtleben {n}
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Übersetzung für 'life in the suburbs' von Englisch nach Deutsch

life in the suburbs
Vorstadtleben {n}
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  • Inspired by a street named Pleasant Valley Way and their move to suburban West Orange, New Jersey, Goffin and King wrote the song about dissatisfaction with the life in the suburbs.
  • After retiring, Ed Wong (Tzi Ma) plans to escape from his life in the suburbs, yet his daughters have other plans.
  • In 1866 he published a series of sketches about life in the suburbs of his native city of Tula under the title "Manners of Rasteryayeva Street", which established his reputation.
  • In 1927 the Church of the Annunciation and the Church of the Sacred Heart together with their schools assured Catholics seeking life in the suburbs of a religious home.
  • Hartsfield, saw many of Atlanta's best business and professional people begin to leave the city for life in the suburbs and a labor-friendly candidate such as LeCraw became more popular.
  • Lewis Black gives tips for ex-city dwellers on how to endure life in the suburbs, Senator Jon Tester discusses his memoir "Grounded", and rapper Big Sean talks about his album "Detroit 2".
  • Movies became his way of escaping the boring life in the suburbs.
  • The film, which was aimed at male Generation X viewers, showed the unromantic drabness and pettiness of life in the suburbs in Western Canada, a stark contrast to the majestic mountains often shown in postcards.
  • Disillusioned with his life in the suburbs of segregated Beirut, Omar's discovery lures him into the depths of the city.
  • Depicting a wide variety of subjects from landscapes to buildings and flowers, they document life in the suburbs, adding to Brøgger's earlier works and his experience of life.
  • The conversation which now develops between Gabriele and Anatol illustrates the contrast between the artificial, noncommittal life of the bourgeoisie in the city of Vienna to the simple, natural life in the suburbs.
  • The movie examines life in the suburbs of Egypt. It focuses on a small village affected by social inequality and a corrupt regime.
  • People were allowed to move to better parts the same cost and could have a better and more comfortable life in the suburbs.
  • Those paintings give a perfect picture of the life in the suburbs of Paris during the first part of the 20th century, far from the idyllic and colorful pictures left by artists like Édouard Cortès (1882–1969), Antoine Blanchard (1910–1988) and Eugène Galien-Laloue (1854–1941).
  • It tells the story of a fifteen-year-old girl, Deborah (played by ), who, in an attempt to escape from the triviality of her life in the suburbs of Antwerp, becomes involved in high-end prostitution.
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