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loss of sovereignty
Souveränitätsverlust {m}
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Übersetzung für 'loss of sovereignty' von Englisch nach Deutsch

loss of sovereignty
Souveränitätsverlust {m}pol.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • There are two series one in the issued from the 13th to the 15th centuries and the other after the brief loss of sovereignty to the rival Kotte kingdom from 1450 to 1467 and reconstitution of the Kingdom.
  • The US occupation was resented by Haitians as a loss of sovereignty and there were revolts against US forces.
  • In the following years, the government in Darmstadt made a series of attempts to make deals with its neighbours to reduce tolls, all of which failed due to fears about the loss of sovereignty.
  • Diplomatic negotiations were pursued with Germany, but fear of compromise leading to a slow loss of sovereignty, as with Czechoslovakia, led Polish leaders to put their faith in a British and French military alliance.
  • The Burmese remember that Bandula's death was followed by a series of one ignominious setback after another that eventually led to the loss of sovereignty in 1885.
  • In spite of this new apparent loss of sovereignty, Mbwila was not obedient to Portugal and routinely played off the larger powers against each other.
  • It was made exempt in 1975, following Portugal's loss of sovereignty over Goa, its former Metropolitan.
  • Achirimbi II took advantage of his favourable standing with the administration and sought compensation for loss of sovereignty to arrogate to himself the residual powers the sub-chiefs or the Atangchuo, had retained over land matters and other disputes.
  • Following Constantinople's loss of sovereignty to the Fourth Crusade in 1204, the Pontus retained independence as the Empire of Trebizond under the Komnenos dynasty.
  • The rebel officers were concerned about the loss of sovereignty for the country as the US established a secret air strip and training camp at Retalhuleu to prepare for its invasion of Cuba.
  • It drew on the discontent of some conservatives with the Merkel administration's handling of the European debt crisis (2009–14) and later the 2015 refugee crisis, lamenting a purported loss of sovereignty and control or even "state failure".
  • The matter of USA v Griffiths has been cited as an example of how bilateral arrangements can lead to undesirable effects such as a loss of sovereignty and what some have described as draconian outcomes.
  • The extent of the loss of sovereignty with the Indian "occupation" of Agalega with regard to the nationhood of Mauritius (running down the population of creoles on the island by not allowing births is drawing parallels with the British Colonials in the Chagos Archipelago), its independence (with regard to Mauritius' inability hence to avoid being drawn into a global nuclear war and becoming an unwilling nuclear holocaust victim) is difficult to assess given the secrecy of the military agreement with India but this has affected national pride and the patriotism of Mauritian citizens as perceiving this militarisation of Agalega as being modern day Indian neo-colonialism.
  • The main themes of the "No" campaign were loss of sovereignty if Norway should join the Union, as well as the fundamental differences in economic structure between Norway and the EU, as Norway has an economy based heavily on natural resources (especially oil and fish), in contrast to the EU's more industrial economy.
  • President Éamon de Valera privately opposed the state's entry and voted 'no', citing the loss of sovereignty.
  • He proposed two alternate partition plans, the second calling for a reduction in the size of the Jewish State and loss of sovereignty over the harbour city of Haifa.
  • "Sturlunga saga" is the main source of Icelandic history during the 12th and 13th centuries and was written by people who experienced the internal power struggle which ended in Iceland's loss of sovereignty and submission to Norway in 1262–64; the descriptions of wounds in "Íslendinga saga" are so detailed that they may be based on eyewitness accounts used in compensation claims.
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