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lung attack [exacerbation of respiratory symptoms in COPD patients]
Lungenanfall {m} [seltener für: Exazerbation, Lungenexazerbation]
ageing-lung / aging-lung emphysema [senile emphysema]
Alterslungenemphysem {n} [seltener für: Altersemphysem]
distributed denial of service attack <DDoS attack>
DDoS-Attacke {f}
distributed denial of service attack <DDoS attack>
DDoS-Angriff {m} [verteilter Dienstblockade-Angriff]
man-in-the-middle attack <MITM, MITM attack>Man-in-the-Middle-Attacke {f} <MITM-Attacke>
man-in-the-middle attack <MITM, MITM attack>
Janusangriff {m} [MITM-Angriff]
man-in-the-middle attack <MITM, MITM attack>
Mittelsmannangriff {m} [MITM-Angriff]
man-in-the-middle attack <MITM, MITM attack>Man-in-the-Middle-Angriff {m} <MITM-Angriff>
man-in-the-browser attack <MITB, MitB, MIB, MiB, MitB attack, MITB attack>
Man-in-the-Browser-Angriff {m} <MitB-Angriff, MITB-Angriff>
man-in-the-browser attack <MITB, MitB, MIB, MiB, MitB attack, MITB attack>
Man-in-the-Browser-Attacke {f} <MitB-Attacke, MITB-Attacke>
Pulmo {m} [fachspr.] [Lunge]
Beuschel {n} [österr.] [ugs.] [derb] [Lunge]
lungPlauze {f} [regional] [ugs.] [Lunge]
Lungenflügel {m}
lung shot
Lungenschuss {m}
lung nodule
Lungenknötchen {n}
honeycomb lung
Wabenlunge {f}
lung maturity
Lungenreife {f}
lung radiography
Lungenröntgen {n}
lung damage
Lungenschaden {m}
mammalian lung
Säugetierlunge {f}
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  • On 5 July 2004, three days before he was to leave office, he suffered a heart attack or heart failure, probably caused by his long-term lung problems, and was left in critical condition.
  • On May 20, 2000, Jowers died of a heart attack at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Union City, Tennessee. He was reported to have suffered from lung cancer at the time of his death.
  • The court was also told that Hobson had stabbed a love rival five times in the chest in a daylight attack in front of shoppers in Selby in 2002, leaving the victim with a punctured lung.
  • In Costa Rica, a variety of warnings with graphic, disturbing images of tobacco-related harms (including lung cancer and heart attack) are placed prominently on cigarette packages.
  • In early 1996, Sinyavsky suffered a heart attack, and later that year was diagnosed with lung cancer with metastases in the brain.

  • Cziffra died in Longpont-sur-Orge, Essonne, France, aged 72, from a heart attack resulting from a series of complications from lung cancer. He is buried next to his son.
  • The result was, that both lung cancer and "coronary thrombosis" (the then-prevalent term for myocardial infarction, now commonly referred to as "heart attack") occurred markedly more often in smokers.
  • This has the effect of moving the Lung Ying practitioner forward and off to an angle while offering some protection to the groin from attack.
  • Faucit followed Macready to the Haymarket Theatre in 1840; in December of that year, however, she suffered an attack of a recurrent lung ailment.
  • Jones is known as one of the few New Zealand MPs to have been injured in a politically motivated attack; in 1980, while serving as a National Party MP, he was stabbed in the chest by an elderly constituent in his electorate office leaving him with a punctured lung.

  • 25 am on 17 January 2014, due to a heart attack. She was 82 years old.
  • She died of a heart attack in 1994.
  • He sold antiques and fine art until 1988, when he had a heart attack, and continued to serve on the board of various organizations in his later life.
  • His health began failing in 2015, as he suffered first from pneumonia and then a heart attack.
  • Daughter Kara Kennedy died of a heart attack at age 51 on September 16, 2011.

  • Competence may allow the streptococcal pathogen to use external homologous DNA for recombinational repair of DNA damages caused by the hosts oxidative attack.
  • Honeyghan put on a lot of weight in retirement and in October 2017, it was reported that he had suffered a heart attack but was making a good recovery in hospital.
  • He died in Victoria after a heart attack on June 1, 1960, aged 76.
  • ... Hugh Everett III, having died of a heart attack in 1982; Everett, then 19 years old, was the first to discover his body).
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