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lux <lx>
Lux {n} <lx> [Maß für Beleuchtungs­stärke]
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Übersetzung für 'lx' von Englisch nach Deutsch

lux <lx>
Lux {n} <lx> [Maß für Beleuchtungs­stärke]unit
  • Lux {n} <lx> [Maß für Beleuchtungsstärke] = lux <lx>
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  • In a realistic application situation with 100 lx illuminance the contrast ratio goes down to ~350, with 300 lx it is reduced to ~120.
  • The two-epi-Lx's as well as the two lx's are nonclassic eicosanoids that, like other members of the specialized pro-resolving mediators class of autocoids, form during and act to resolve inflammatory responses.
  • In the later group even more active verbs have a preference for the affix"-lx-" (implying passive experience) before the causative suffix.
  • The floodlights of the stadium gives only a light intensity of 586 lx, while the regulations of 3.
  • For the 'lx' brand, libraries from Red Hat 3 or an equivalent distribution such as CentOS are required to complete the emulated environment.

  • An illuminance of 6400–8600 lx (600–800 fc) proved to be optimal when plants were grown under sunlight, high pressure sodium, and metal halide lamps.
  • Xara Xtreme LX is a discontinued 2D vector graphics editor, developed as an open source version of the commercial Xara Xtreme.
  • The lux (lx) is this SI unit for illuminance, that is the amount of light that illuminates a surface (the road, in the case of a bike light) per unit area at a given point, weighted according to the sensitivity of the human eye to various colours of light.
  • The cultures were incubated at 20-22°C with a light intensity of 300-500 lx with the use of a tungsten lamp.
  • In SI units illuminance is measured in lux (lx), or equivalently in lumens per square metre (lm·m−2).

  • Tremayne Marcell Joiner (born June 8, 1995), also known as Tre Capital, is an American rapper and singer from Los Angeles. He is the founder and a member of the hip hop collective "Deluxe" or "D.lx".
  • The most common (SI) unit is cd·m−2·lx−1, i.e.
  • This work is the best preserved of all the Evagrian writings due to the relatively large number of manuscripts and wide distribution (Bamberger 1972:lix-lx).
  • The soil in the area is high in lixisols (lx), soil with clay-enriched lower horizon, low cec, and high saturation of bases.
  • A recent study also demonstrated that exposure to 30 lx of blue light from LEDs in the evening (peaking at 470 nm at the eye for two hours) increased sleep efficiency for older adults who previously had difficulty sleeping.

  • Unicode includes a symbol for "lx": [...]. It is a legacy code to accommodate old code pages in some Asian languages. Use of this code is not recommended in new documents.
  • , the equation of the line is "lx" + "my" + "nz" = 0, provided [...] In particular, line coordinate [...] represents the line "z" = 0, which is the line at infinity in the projective plane.
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