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ADJ   macabre | more macabre | most macabre
SYNO ghastly | grim | grisly | ...
macabre {adj}makaber
macabre {adj}grausig
more macabre {adj}makabrer
most macabre {adj}makaberste
most macabre {adj}am makabersten [nur prädikativ]
danse macabre
Totentanz {m}
Danse Macabre [Stephen King]
Danse Macabre
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  • Danse Macabre = Danse Macabre [Stephen King]
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  • It includes a version of "Danse macabre" played by Béla Fleck, which Fleck provided after reading on Gaiman's blog that he hoped for "Danse Macabre" with banjo in it".
  • 19 Mitchell, S. (2003, June 6). Black Donnelly's morbid massacre site makes macabre tour.
  • "Skin" is a macabre short story written by author Roald Dahl.
  • A macabre children's poem featuring the Nocturnals, illustrated with paintings by Dan Brereton.
  • After embarking on the maiden voyage of "Titanic 3", a group of digital influencers are surrounded by macabre events.

  • Cruel jokes is a joke cycle dealing with cruelty and macabre topics.
  • The sonata also has an important role in the plot of "Sonata macabre" (English: "The Macabre Sonata"), the issue #235 of the comic.
  • Hyaena Gallery is located in Burbank, California with a specialty in macabre, low-brow and outsider art.
  • "The Village", his third book, is a fix-up horror novel throughout comics draws short stories of macabre characters are told.
  • This refers to the macabre Porter song "Miss Otis Regrets".

  • Rinaldo Carnielo (1853 - 1910) was an Italian sculptor known for his macabre sensibility.
  • Smalling, painting and drawing does not depict subjects that are dark, cynical, or macabre.
  • The macabre constant is a theorized bias in educational assessment that happens when a professor unconsciously splits students into three subjective categories—good, average and poor—regardless of their actual objective scholarly level.
  • He also mentions that his inspiration for the macabre tone of "Alice" comes from his disturbing, dysfunctional childhood.
  • Ghelderode's "La Balade du grand macabre" (1934) served as libretto for György Ligeti's opera "Le Grand Macabre" (1974–77. Revised 1996).

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