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NOUN1   macaroni | -
NOUN2   a macaroni | macaronies
macaroni {sg}
Makkaroni {pl}
Röhrennudeln {pl}
macaroni [curved chisel]
gebogenes Hohleisen {n}
2 Wörter
macaroni cheese {sg} [Br.]
Makkaroni {pl} mit Käsesauce [und (mit Käse) im Ofen überbacken]
3 Wörter
alpine herder's macaroni [approx. translation] [similar to macaroni and cheese]
Älplermagronen {pl} [schweiz.]
macaroni and cheese
Makkaroni {pl} mit Käse (überbacken)
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
macaroni penguin [Eudyptes chrysolophus]
Goldschopfpinguin {m}
macaroni wheat [Triticum durum, syn.: T. pyrymidale]
Glasweizen {m}
macaroni wheat [Triticum durum, syn.: T. pyrymidale]
Hartweizen {m}
macaroni wheat [Triticum durum, syn.: T. pyrymidale]
Durumweizen / Durum-Weizen {m}
macaroni wheat [Triticum durum, Triticum turgidum ssp. durum, Triticum pyramidale]
Durum {m}
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  • In 1939, in Craiova were only 7 industrial units with over 100 workers: the "Oltenia" clothing factory, the "Scrisul Românesc" ("The Romanian Writing") publishing house, the "Concordia" macaroni factory, the "Barbu Druga" bread and macaroni factory, the "Semănătoarea" factory and the "Traiul" bread factory .
  • The macaroni, called Creamette, was introduced in 1912 as a new macaroni noodle that had a thinner wall and larger hole.
  • In Mauritius, sachima is called "gâteau macaroni" (lit. translated as "macaroni cake"). It is a traditional Chinese cake sold and eaten by Sino-Mauritians.
  • The macaroni and the subsequent imitators were criticized for being gender ambiguous and effeminate.
  • Greggs previously sold a macaroni pie, which was a water crust pastry case filled with macaroni pasta and a cream cheese sauce.

  • A popular Trini dish is macaroni pie, a macaroni pasta bake, with eggs and cheese, and a variety of other potential ingredients that can change according to the recipe being used.
  • Macaroni Hamin (Hamin Macaroni in Hebrew) is a traditional Sephardic Jerusalemite dish originally from the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.
  • In Nepal, macaroni has been adopted and cooked in a Nepalese way. Boiled macaroni is sautéed along with cumin, turmeric, finely chopped green chillies, onions and cabbage.
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