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machine-gun position
Maschinengewehrstellung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'machine gun position' von Englisch nach Deutsch

machine-gun position
Maschinengewehrstellung {f}mil.
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  • According to one story, he convinced skeptical officers including inspector of training Viscount Gort by camouflaging a machine gun position in plain sight and creating the illusion of the German warship "Graf Spee" on the Thames using mirrors and a model.
  • As they came over a rise on the outskirts near the French headquarters, a hidden machine gun position took them under sustained fire and killed Craw instantly with a burst to the chest.
  • Yabes distinguished himself when he used his body as a shield to protect others in a bunker, moved two wounded men to a safer position where they could be given medical treatment and destroyed an enemy machine gun position before being mortally wounded.
  • Since he had heard the same thing at Anzio, Italy when he single-handedly destroyed a German machine gun position, he didn't pay too much attention and continued on with his unit fighting their way into Germany.
  • Kelly was mortally wounded while destroying his third consecutive enemy machine gun position that day while serving in the 1st Marine Division.
  • He is sent home for recovery as a war hero for taking out a German machine gun position.
  • Although wounded twice in his company and battalion's attack for the hill, he refused to be evacuated twice, and continued to lead his squad and platoon under fire in destroying enemy emplacements until he himself was killed as he personally destroyed his second enemy machine gun position.
  • Mason, serving with the 2/3, despite being mortally wounded, single-handedly destroyed an enemy machine gun position during the Battle of Guam.
  • A member of the 47th Battalion, Corporal Filip Konowal, received the Victoria Cross for his single handed destruction of a German machine gun position.
  • At the height of the fighting Dytor and his troop were pinned down by enemy fire, he encouraged his troop forward and personally led the assault on a strong enemy machine gun position.
  • Considered a reconnaissance vehicle and a mobile machine gun position, the Mark VI was the final stage of development of the Carden Loyd series of tankettes.
  • Considered a reconnaissance vehicle and a mobile machine gun position, the Mark VI was the final stage of development of the Carden-Loyd series of tankettes.
  • This large space combined a machine gun position and a 7.5 cm Pak 40 mobile anti-tank gun, covering the wide arc of fire visible through the large embrasure.
  • As there was no machine gun position covering the back of the tank there was a dead angle vulnerable to infantry attack.
  • ... Guarnere) to one flank to destroy a machine gun position with grenades and provide covering fire.
  • On January 23, in one instance at the Pontine Marshes, he did calisthenics in order to get a hidden German machine gun position to expose itself so it could be destroyed.
  • The Commando Hubert team then cleared the area in front of the machine gun position with flamethrowers.
  • The Potez 33 was fitted with dual controls and had large observation windows, it also had a dorsal machine gun position and could carry light bombs on under-fuselage racks.
  • Daniel Paul Matthews (December 31, 1931 – March 28, 1953) was a United States Marine Corps sergeant who was killed in action in 1953 and posthumously awarded the Nation's highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor, during the Battle for Outpost Vegas, for his single-handed attack under fire upon an enemy machine gun position which had prevented the evacuation of a wounded comrade.
  • Watchtowers with height of twenty meters were constructed and serve as machine gun positions.
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