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NOUN   a machine-gunner | machine-gunners
SYNO artilleryman | cannoneer | gunner | ...
machine gunner
MG-Schütze {m}
machine gunner
Maschinengewehrschütze {m}
Maschinengewehr-Schütze {m}
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  • Marine Corps, serving as a machine gunner in the Pacific theater of World War II.
  • Cole, a machine-gunner killed in action on Iwo Jima on 19 February 1945, during World War II.
  • "Snowy" Evans, a Lewis machine gunner with the 53rd Battery, 14th Field Artillery Brigade, Royal Australian Artillery is likely to have killed von Richthofen.
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist and war correspondent Ernie Pyle was regularly published in the "Stars and Stripes" before he was killed by a Japanese machine-gunner on Iejima during the Battle of Okinawa.
  • During World War II, Berra served in the Navy as machine gunner participating in the D-Day invasion and earned a Purple Heart, a Distinguished Unit Citation, two battle stars and a European Theatre of Operations ribbon.
  • German loss nil" and "Average life of a machine gunner under attack on the Western Front: 4 minutes".
  • Although he was originally assigned to play the bugle, Sergeant Cole repeatedly requested that his rating be changed from field musician to machine-gunner.
  • The machine gunner also could not take magazines from other squad members who were equipped with M16s.
  • The machine gunner was also the radio operator. The driver sat on the left.
  • As a second lieutenant, Dixon was assigned to the French escadrille as an aerial observer and machine gunner.
  • The tank had a four-man crew including a driver, bow machine-gunner, and two men in the turret.
  • The tank had a crew of five (Commander, gunner, loader, driver and hull machine gunner).
  • Thompson was a machine gunner with the 1695th Combat Engineers at the historic Battle of the Bulge.
  • It can carry five infantrymen, comprising the vehicle's commander, bow machine gunner, and three soldiers seated behind a turret.
  • Original production version. The auxiliary turret was often removed in the field, eliminating the hull machine gunner position.
  • When Trevino turned 17 in December 1956, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, and served four years as a machine gunner and was discharged in December 1960 as a corporal with the 3rd Marine Division.
  • An infantry "Gruppe" consisted of generally nine or ten men; a non-commissioned officer ("Unteroffizier") squad leader, deputy squad leader, a two-man machine gun element (machine gunner and assistant gunner) and four to six riflemen.
  • Originally a crew of seven had been planned, but in December 1917 this had been reduced to six: a commander in the left of the turret who also had the responsibility for aiming the gun; a second man in the right of the turret who combined the functions of gunner, machine-gunner and loader; a standing assistant-loader handing new rounds to the loader – at first two of these had been seen as necessary; a driver; a front machine-gunner; and a mechanic who doubled as a rear machine-gunner.
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