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machine-oriented {adj}maschinennah
machine-oriented {adj}maschinenorientiert
machine-oriented languagemaschinenorientierte Sprache {f}
machine-oriented software
betriebssystemnahe Software {f}
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  • To keep up with the modern machine-oriented production environment, hook-and-eye closures are sold both individually and as a ready-to-cut tape.
  • The process for creating the paper involved a machine oriented process that exposed the paper to dyes while it was still pulp, resulting in a thorough distribution and brilliance of colour.
  • Usually, a machine-oriented system programming language, such as C or C++, is needed to write the support library.
  • It was an aggressively-designed machine, oriented to endurance races.
  • Nakashima wanted the machine-oriented society of the Al Bhed to stand out and had them wear masks and goggles to give them a strange and eccentric appearance.
  • PL/S, short for Programming Language/Systems, is a "machine-oriented" programming language based on PL/I.
  • The Executive Systems Problem Oriented Language (ESPOL) is a programming language, a superset of ALGOL 60, that provides abilities of what would later be termed a "system programming language" or "machine oriented high order language" (mohol), such as interrupting a processor on a multiprocessing system (the Burroughs large systems were multiprocessor systems).
  • Natural sort order has been promoted as being more human-friendly ("natural") than machine-oriented, pure alphabetical sort order.
  • PL-11 is a high-level machine-oriented programming language for the PDP-11, developed by R.D.
  • Edsger Dijkstra refers to these languages as machine oriented high order languages, or mohol.
  • It borrowed many features from ALGOL 68 but was designed for systems programming (machine-oriented programming).
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