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ADJ   macho | more macho | most macho
NOUN   macho | machos
SYNO butch | macho
macho {adj}machohaft
macho {adj}machomäßig [ugs.]
macho {adj}macho [ugs.] [indekl.]
macho {adj}
machistisch [geh.]
macho [coll.] [a macho man]Macho {m} [ugs.]
MACHO [Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Object]
MACHO {n} [dunkle Materie]
2 Wörter
to play macho [coll.]
einen auf Macho machen [ugs.]
macho behavior [Am.] [often pej.]
Machoverhalten {n} [ugs.]
macho behaviour [Br.]Machogehabe {n} [ugs.]
macho behaviour [Br.] [often pej.]
Machoverhalten {n} [ugs.]
macho componentMachokomponente {f}
macho culture
Machokultur {f}
macho talk {sg}Machosprüche {pl}
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  • Macho {m} [ugs.] = macho [coll.] [a macho man]
  • macho [ugs.] [indekl.] = macho
  • MACHO {n} [dunkle Materie] = MACHO [Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Object]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • El Coyolar was named by the people because the men there were very “macho” (or coyoludos).
  • Network Ten describe Adam as being a tall, dark, handsome and uber-macho British backpacker.
  • Sung from the perspective of a typical macho, self-righteous, arrogant and obsessed with sex.
  • "Burlesk King" is the second film in the gay-themed trilogy of Mel Chionglo and Ricky Lee about the lives of macho dancers, men who work as strippers in Manila's gay bars.
  • In his essay "Black Macho Revisited: Reflections of a SNAP!

  • Brad Avery of vanyaland.com described Mr. Mean as one of Williamson's "more macho characters".
  • Advertising campaigns from Thums Up build on its "strength" and its perception as a macho drink.
  • Vlektra makes macho-looking sports electric bikes and is based in Karachi. It currently offers bookings for three models, Retro, Retro 1969, and Bolt.
  • For the Ruby programming language, the ruby-macho library provides an implementation of a Mach-O binary parser and editor.
  • "I Am Very Macho" (Spanish: "Yo soy muy macho") is a 1953 Mexican comedy film directed by José Díaz Morales and starring Silvia Pinal.

  • A new macho hero of the 1980s is the opposite of a pre-1980s macho hero that "constituted an antifeminist backlash".
  • As a painter he often deals with masculine issues, for instance, work that incorporates macho and military imagery.
  • Randy Duggan is the macho man of the title of this work of fiction.
  • In Spring 2008, she released the album "Ne Macho" ("Not macho").
  • Smaller portions are simply called "pique"; "pique macho" is a huge portion, and traditionally spicy hot because of the pimenton.

  • A quality of personality or behavior inspiring fear, awe and respect; see masculinity, toughness and macho.
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