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main livelihoodHaupterwerbsquelle {f}
livelihoodAuskommen {n}
livelihoodParnusse {f} [veraltet ugs.: Einkommen] [jidd.]
livelihoodLebensgrundlage {f}
livelihoodUnterhalt {m}
livelihoodLebensunterhalt {m}
source of livelihoodUnterhaltsquelle {f}
means of livelihoodErwerbsquelle {f}
to assure a livelihoodeinen Lebensunterhalt sichern
source of livelihoodQuelle {f} des Lebensunterhalts
to win a livelihoodseinen Lebensunterhalt verdienen
establishing one's livelihoodExistenzgründung {f}
Right Livelihood Award <RLA>
Alternativer Nobelpreis {m} [ugs.] [Right Livelihood Award]
Right Livelihood Award <RLA>
Right Livelihood Award {m} <RLA> [bekannt als: Alternativer Nobelpreis]
to pick up a livelihood(sichDat.) seinen Lebensunterhalt verdienen
to earn one's livelihoodseinen Lebensunterhalt verdienen
securing one's livelihoodExistenzsicherung {f}
ability to earn a livelihoodErwerbsfähigkeit {f}
loss of one's livelihoodVerlust {m} der Existenz
Our livelihood is (being) provided for.Für unseren Lebensunterhalt wird gesorgt.
Rhein-Main Air Base <Rhein-Main AB> [1945 through Dec. 30, 2005]
Rhein-Main Air Base {f} <Rhein-Main AB>
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  • The theme of the coat of arms of Mariehamn refers to the city's main livelihood, a maritime transport, and the city's parks, which are typically lined with linden trees.
  • The sea provided the village with its main livelihood, and at one time the village paid a rent of 22,000 herrings to their Lords, which then made it more important than nearby Lowestoft.
  • The main livelihood of the population depends on construction carpentry work civil service, tourism, fishing and private business.
  • The main livelihood activity of the Karamojong is herding livestock, which has social and cultural importance.
  • Most of the north-western section of the municipality is devoted to rice farming, as rice production is the main livelihood of the populace.

  • "Banaybanay" is derived from the two native words "Banay" (Kalagan word), meaning "sprout" due to its main livelihood in the area which is rice farming, and "Bânay" (Cebuano word) means "clans" due to the family clans that arrived in that area that came from Visayas Islands and Luzon and settled there along together with the Kalagans and Mandayan natives.
  • Their main livelihood was to catch fish, so the new settlement was called "Pamingwitan" ('a place where one can catch fish using a fishing rod').
  • Their main livelihood are fishing and farming.
  • What is considered to be the first professional (in the sense that this was their main livelihood) bandurist ensemble was established by Vasyl Yemetz in 1918 and became known as the Kiev Bandurist Capella.
  • Hasslö is famous for its fish, and fishing has historically been the main livelihood.

  • Traditional agriculture is the main livelihood and recently some households have become involved in tourism.
  • Their main livelihood was fishery and the taxation on it was a major source of friction between the Cossacks and the state.
  • Fishing is the main livelihood in the town.
  • From 1400 mining became the main livelihood for the villagers of Straßberg.
  • Forestry and reindeer husbandry have traditionally been the main livelihood of the local population.

  • Fishing—primarily of tilapia species but also of Nile perch—provides the main livelihood.
  • Farming and animal husbandry are the main livelihood of people residing in the town.
  • Coal mining was the main livelihood here for around 100 years, from the mid-nineteenth century until the 1960s when the reserves became uneconomic.
  • Sulu is predominantly agricultural with farming and fishing as its main livelihood activities.
  • 70% of the household income are coming from family members who are working outside Daykundi; this is one of the main livelihood options for the people of Daykundi.

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