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NOUN   a main localization | main localizations
main localization
Hauptlokalisation {f}
software localization <SW localization>
Softwarelokalisation {f} <SW-Lokalisation>
software localization <SW localization>
Softwarelokalisierung {f} <SW-Lokalisierung>
localizationLokalisieren {n}
localizationLokalisation {f}
localizationOrtsbestimmung {f}
localizationLokalisierung {f}
localizationVerortung {f}
placental localization
Plazentalokalisation {f}
robot localization
Roboterlokalisierung {f}
ultrasound localization
Ultraschalllokalisation {f}
ultrasound localization
Ultraschall-Lokalisation {f}
ultrasonic localization
Ultraschallortung {f}
sonographic localization
sonographische Ortung {f}
protein localization
Proteinlokalisation {f}
summing localization
Summenlokalisation {f}
membrane localization
Membranlokalisierung {f}
nuclear localization
Kernlokalisation {f}
membrane localization
Membranlokalisation {f}
localization principleLokalisierungs­prinzip {n}
localization theory
Lokalisationstheorie {f}
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  • The notion of localization of a ring (in particular the localization with respect to a prime ideal, the localization consisting in inverting a single element and the total quotient ring) is one of the main differences between commutative algebra and the theory of non-commutative rings.
  • The same year, 2013, the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research initiated a "choice of concept study" for the future co-localization of NTNU's two main campuses in Trondheim.
  • Early localization had one main concern. Due to the small memory size of the NES and SNES cartridges many translated text strings were too long.
  • The localization was directed by Douglas Watt, while the main translator was James Mountain.
  • However a main effect test is nonspecific and will not allow for a localization of specific mean pairwise comparisons (simple effects).

  • A main result in this area is the Beilinson–Bernstein localization.
  • Yoshi is the main character in the English localization of "Tetris Attack".
  • It has been argued that there are three main ways in which soundscapes can be designed: localization of functions, reduction of unwanted sounds and introduction of wanted sounds, each of which should be considered to ensure a comprehensive approach to soundscape design.
  • These other leader peptides are short polypeptides that do not function in protein localization, but instead may regulate transcription or translation of the main protein, and are not part of the final protein sequence.
  • However, through genomics and proteomics approaches, efforts are currently being made to elucidate the kinetics of AGXT folding which has a direct bearing on its targeting to appropriate subcellular localization.

  • Master soundtrack album, the first released for the English localization of the "Pokémon" anime.
  • The most important aspect of the North American localization of "Jeanne d'Arc" was its voice-overs.
  • First of all, despite the increase in localization, K1A1 was still an American design that falls under the United States' export control to protect intellectual rights, which creates a burden when exporting.
  • "Type-0" has never received an official localization in its original form.
  • 1 surround sound is a proper localization and equability of all acoustic sources for a center-positioned audience.

  • Rosenberg has created a rather general relative concept of noncommutative quasicompact scheme (over a base category), abstracting Grothendieck's study of morphisms of schemes and covers in terms of categories of quasicoherent sheaves and flat localization functors.
  • The localization MU"p" of MU at a prime "p" splits as a sum of suspensions of a simpler cohomology theory called Brown&ndash;Peterson cohomology, first described by [...].
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