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main memory extensionArbeitsspeichererweiterung {f}
memory extension
Speichererweiterung {f}
main memory
Arbeitsspeicher {m}
main memoryZentralspeicher {m}
main memoryHauptspeicher {m}
main memory allocationHauptspeicherzuordnung {f}
main memory areaHauptspeicherbereich {m}
main memory addressHauptspeicheradresse {f}
main memory supervisionArbeitsspeicherüberwachung {f}
extended main memoryerweiterter Hauptspeicher {m}
main memory management
Arbeitsspeicherverwaltung {f}
main memory protectionArbeitsspeicherschutz {m}
main memory bufferingArbeitsspeicherpufferung {f}
main memory sizeArbeitsspeichergröße {f}
main memory areaArbeitsspeicherbereich {m}
main memory requirements {pl}
Arbeitsspeicherbedarf {m}
main memory layoutArbeitsspeicherbelegung {f}
memory software <memory sw>
Speichersoftware {f} <Speicher-SW>
Rhein-Main Air Base <Rhein-Main AB> [1945 through Dec. 30, 2005]
Rhein-Main Air Base {f} <Rhein-Main AB>
extensionVerlängerung {f} [Frist]
extensionStreckung {f}
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  • Regarding parallel algorithms, there are two main models of parallel computation, the parallel random access machine as an extension of the RAM with shared memory between processing units and the bulk synchronous parallel computer which takes communication and synchronization into account.
  • At the moment the main protocols used are the R-MESI type / MESIF protocols and the HRT-ST-MESI (MOESI type) or a subset or an extension of these.
  • The SDM may be regarded either as a content-addressable extension of a classical random-access memory (RAM) or as a special type of three layer feedforward neural network.
  • With OS extension ROMs fitted such as the a filing system ROM, more memory is allocated above this point; DFS ROMs generally use another 2.75 KiB to cache the disc catalogue and manage random access buffers.
  • Such machine-specific extensions have either disappeared over time or have had elements incorporated into the main standards.

  • JPF includes a runtime module system to package such constructs into separate "JPF extension projects".
  • GB on Physical Address Extension (PAE) systems and the ability to do 8-way SMP.
  • The extension of Torneo de Sevilla Street was named after him as Avenida Alberto Jiménez-Becerril.
  • In computing, a distributed cache is an extension of the traditional concept of cache used in a single locale.
  • The planned extension from the highway directly to Plitvice and onwards to the south-west will result in the almost total isolation of the village.

  • The barrier is not present with a 64-bit processor and 64-bit operating system, or with certain x86 hardware and an operating system such as Linux or certain versions of Windows Server and macOS that allow use of Physical Address Extension (PAE) mode on x86 to access more than 4 GiB of RAM.
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