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NOUN   a major war criminals trial | major war criminals trials
major war criminals trial
Hauptkriegsverbrecherprozess {m}
major war criminals
Hauptkriegsverbrecher {pl}
war criminals
Kriegsverbrecher {pl}
War Criminals Act [Austria]
Kriegsverbrechergesetz {n} <KVG> [Kurzform von: Verfassungs­gesetz vom 26. Juni 1945 über Kriegsverbrechen und andere nationalsozialistische Untaten] [Österreich]
war crimes trial
Kriegsverbrecherprozess {m}
war crimes trial
Kriegsverbrecherprozeß {m} [alt]
Nazi war crimes trial
NS-Kriegsverbrecherprozess {m}
Trial is war. Second place is death. ["Shark's Rule" / Shark (TV series)]
Vor Gericht herrscht Krieg. Wer verliert, ist tot.
criminalsKriminelle {pl}
criminalsVerbrecher {pl}
dangerous criminalsSchwerverbrecher {pl}
violent criminalsGewaltkriminelle {pl}
gang (of criminals)Platte {f} [österr.] [Verbrecherbande]
gang of criminalsGangsterbande {f}
gang of criminalsVerbrecherbande {f}
A thorough checkup was made of the criminals. Die Verbrecher wurden genau unter die Lupe genommen.
D sharp major <D♯ major>
Dis-Dur {n} <Dis, D♯>
A sharp major <A♯ major>
Ais-Dur {n} <Ais, A♯>
C sharp major <C♯ major>
Cis-Dur {n} <Cis, C♯>
E sharp major <E♯ major>
Eis-Dur {n} <Eis, E♯>
G sharp major <G♯ major>
Gis-Dur {n} <Gis, G♯>
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  • Sauckel was among the 24 persons accused in the Nuremberg Trial of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal.
  • Schirach was one of the major war criminals put on trial at Nuremberg by the International Military Tribunal.
  • During his early months as ambassador, according to evidence presented later at the Nürnberg Trial of Major War Criminals, he plotted the assassination of Joseph Stalin by Russian agents sympathetic to his cause.
  • As a part of preparing for the trial of Erhard Milch in 1946, King interviewed Albert Speer, one of the defendants who had been prosecuted at Nuremberg and convicted by the International Military Tribunal (the trial of the major war criminals).
  • He is well known internationally for acting as chief prosecutor for the USSR at the 1946 trial of the major Nazi war criminals in Nuremberg.

  • The main defendant was Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, CEO of the Krupp Holding since 1943 and son of Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach who had been a defendant in the main Trial of the Major War Criminals before the IMT (where he was considered medically unfit for trial).
  • In 1945 he served as chief Allied court reporter for the Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, which judged the leaders of Nazi Germany.
  • Harris served as a trial counsel prosecuting the major German war criminals before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg in 1945 and he kept the Nuremberg dream alive through his writings and his advocacy, and later through his philanthropic generosity and support of legal education and research.
  • He was responsible for the Soviet preparations for the trial of the major German war criminals by the International Military Tribunal.
  • After World War II, the judges of the military tribunal of the Trial of German Major War Criminals at Nuremberg Trials found that by 1939, the rules laid down in the 1907 Hague Convention were recognised by all civilised nations and were regarded as declaratory of the laws and customs of war.

  • During 1945–47 he was a Foreign Office representative at the Nuremberg Trials of the major Nazi war criminals; then went to Japan to assist in setting up a similar trial.
  • The narrator describes how the various classes of war criminals, traitors, and people who committed specific acts are dealt with, then moves on to the major Nazi war criminals.
  • On 17 November 1948 Bowes learned of the official British government position that no further trials of war criminals would be taking place and formally placed on record his disagreement with the policy writing to the Provost Marshal of the Royal Air Force and in March 1950 he learned that a Gestapo agent involved in the deaths of the airmen had been acquitted by a German court after trial for killing East European slave labourers and worked to get fresh prosecutions commenced.
  • The German Foreign Office decided that these captured enemy airmen should not be given the legal status of prisoner of war (POWs) but should instead be treated as criminals and spies.
  • 10 (20 December 1945), which authorised every occupying power to have its own legal system to try war criminals and to conduct such trials independently of the International Military Tribunal then sitting at Nuremberg.

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