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NOUN   a major work | major works
major work
Hauptwerk {n}
4 Wörter
work of major importanceSchlüsselwerk {n}
F sharp major <F♯ major>
Fis-Dur {n} <Fis, F♯>
D sharp major <D♯ major>
Dis-Dur {n} <Dis, D♯>
A sharp major <A♯ major>
Ais-Dur {n} <Ais, A♯>
E sharp major <E♯ major>
Eis-Dur {n} <Eis, E♯>
G sharp major <G♯ major>
Gis-Dur {n} <Gis, G♯>
C sharp major <C♯ major>
Cis-Dur {n} <Cis, C♯>
major {adj}hauptsächlich
major {adj}kapital
major {adj}größere
major {adj}bedeutend
Dur {n}
major {adj}größte
major {adj}vorrangig
major {adj}wichtig
major {adj}wesentlich
major thirteenth
große Tredezime {f}
major componentHauptkomponente {f}
major offensive
Großoffensive {f}
major key
Durtonart {f}
major sourceHauptquelle {f}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Abai's major work is "The Book of Words" (...), a philosophical treatise and collection of poems where he criticises Russian colonial policies and encourages other Kazakhs to embrace education and literacy.
  • During that time Dewey also initiated the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, where he was able to actualize the pedagogical beliefs that provided material for his first major work on education, "The School and Society" (1899).
  • Her second novel, "Jubilee" (1966), is considered a major work of African-American literature.
  • In Spanish America, José de Acosta wrote a major work on early Peru and New Spain with important material on indigenous peoples.
  • In 1755, Rousseau completed his second major work, the "Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Inequality Among Men" (the "Discourse on Inequality"), which elaborated on the arguments of the "Discourse on the Arts and Sciences".

  • Kepler, at last, completed the "Rudolphine Tables" in 1623, which at the time was considered his major work.
  • He later wrote comic lyrics for Billy Wilder's 1964 movie "Kiss Me, Stupid", although most critics believe his final major work was for the 1954 Judy Garland film "A Star Is Born".
  • In the same year, Hesse formally married Ninon, and began planning what would become his last major work, "The Glass Bead Game" (a.k.a. ...
  • In 1896, he published his second major work, entitled "Matter and Memory".
  • In 1912 Lewis and Edwin Bidwell Wilson presented a major work in mathematical physics that not only applied synthetic geometry to the study of spacetime, but also noted the identity of a spacetime squeeze mapping and a Lorentz transformation.

  • Chaucer's first major work was "The Book of the Duchess", an elegy for Blanche of Lancaster who died in 1368.
  • A proposal to demolish the railway bridge of Bordeaux (also known as the "passerelle St Jean"), the first major work of Gustave Eiffel, resulted in a large response from the public.
  • In total, he took six years perfecting the murals, which were his last major work.
  • Conversely, the engineer Oliver Heaviside produced major work on the mathematics of transmission on telegraph cables.
  • Just prior to this a major work of his, "Logische Untersuchungen" (Halle, 1900–1901), was published.

  • This search culminated in plans to write a major work on "life leadership" in the specific historical context of modern (capitalist) society.
  • 135, by Ludwig van Beethoven was written in October 1826 and was the last major work he completed.
  • His published work from the time spent in Brazil is still in the theory of topological vector spaces; it is there that he completed his last major work on that topic (on "metric" theory of Banach spaces).
  • This major work in Norwegian monumental painting includes 11 paintings covering [...].
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