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ADJ   malefic | more malefic | most malefic
SYNO evil | malefic | malevolent | ...
malefic {adj} [literary]unheilvoll [geh.]
malefic {adj} [literary]
boshaft [schädlich, zerstörerisch, bes. durch übernatürliche Kräfte]
malefic {adj}übeltätig [veraltet]
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  • In it, the aspects made by the planets correlate with their benefic or malefic classification.
  • It is believed that worshipping Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha greatly reduces any malefic effects of Sade Sati.
  • Negative Significations: While Ketu is considered malefic and has been mostly associated with negative things.
  • Planets positioned in them lack influence and may even become malefic—that is, they may have an unfortunate effect.
  • Several factors may contribute to a planet being accidentally debilitated, including the planet being: slower than its average speed, retrograde, combust or aspecting a malefic planet or fixed star.

  • Kali offered Nala a boon when he left him. Nala sought the boon that whoever read his story would not be unduly affected by the malefic effects of Kali.
  • The tale of Krabat's apprenticeship to an evil sorcerer with malefic powers can be classified, in folkloristic studies, as Aarne–Thompson–Uther ATU 325, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".
  • Mangala is the root of the word 'Mangalavara' or Tuesday in the Hindu calendar. The word "मंगल" also means "auspicious" but the planet मंगल is considered malefic.
  • When the lords of the lagna, the 2nd and the 11th house are combined with or aspected by malefic planets or have connection with the trikabhavas or their lords then one invariably experiences acute shortage of funds, loss of wealth and incurrence of debts.
  • Planets that own the 3rd, the 6th, or the 11th bhava are deemed malefics. Malefic planets occupying the "upachayasthanas" cause struggle, effort and eventual success.

  • The 1st house, the 5th house and the 9th house forming a triangle relative to the Ascendant and known as the Dharma-trikonas are auspicious bhavas wherein situated planets gain strength, the benefic planets become more benefic and the malefic planets tend to give good results.
  • Soumya also means Shubhagrahas or benefics as opposed to Papagrahas or malefic.
  • Called also "Marț Sara" (the old Romanian words for "Tuesday Evening") is a malefic entity, who demands the semi-holy day of Tuesday to be respected and who forbids four women's chores: spinning of the wool, sowing, boiling laundry and baking bread.
  • Description of various yogas including Raja yogas, Viparita Raja yogas, fructification and cancellation of Raja Yogas, Finding benefic and malefic planets, Yogakaraka planets etc.
  • The lord of the 8th house associated with a malefic planet, combining with Saturn or with the lord of the 10th house becomes a maraka if it is not situated in the 8th house; but if it also happens to be the lagna-lord then it will not act as a maraka if it occupies the 8th or the lagna.

  • Vedha (वेध), meaning – Obstruction, is the power of a planet to influence favourably (by benefic planets) or unfavourably through obstruction (by malefic planets), the influence is stronger when the planets influenced and influencing are exalted or retrograde but weaker if they be debilitated; a favourable vedha can nullify an adverse vedha.
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