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maliciously {adv}böswillig
maliciously {adv}boshaft
maliciously {adv}gehässig
maliciously {adv}aus reiner Bosheit
to act maliciouslyarglistig handeln
to gossip about sb. maliciouslyjdn. ausrichten [österr.] [südd.] [ugs.]
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  • In this universe, Remy LeBeau is a Cajun thief, similar to the normal mainstream version. A flashback shows that Remy was beaten maliciously by his father.
  • Quechup responded by changing how it operated its service and belatedly reassuring customers it was not acting maliciously, even if irresponsibly.
  • In 2007, Craig Trindall was charged with maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm after allegedly bashing a woman in the face with a children's blackboard.
  • The FRC decided to investigate auditor PwC for allegedly maliciously messing about with Tesco's accounts. on 22 December 2014.
  • Damages for unlawful arrest depend primarily on the time in custody and can be aggravated if the police acted maliciously.

  • In March 2012, security researcher Egor Homakov discovered a mass assignment vulnerability that allowed certain Rails applications to be remotely exploited, and demonstrated it by non-maliciously hacking GitHub after his earlier attempts at responsible disclosure were dismissed.
  • Over the years, tunneling and data encapsulation in general have been frequently adopted for malicious reasons, in order to maliciously communicate outside of a protected network.
  • Chinatown in Houston faced a drop in customers after people falsely and maliciously spread rumors online of an outbreak of the coronavirus.
  • In computer security, a wiper is a class of malware intended to erase (wipe, hence the name) the hard drive of the computer it infects, maliciously deleting data and programs.
  • The term "arson" in South African practice is used to denote the corresponding, but somewhat wider, crime of "brandstichting", which is committed by a man who sets fire to his own house wrongfully, maliciously and with intent to injure or defraud another person.

  • In the upper levels, runners must still make an attempt to avoid contact if possible, and may not maliciously initiate contact with a fielder.
  • California courts have also found manufacturing methamphetamine, maliciously burning a car, and possessing a bomb in a residential area to be inherently dangerous felonies.
  • Love, ideals, and confidence are all forsaken, consciously and unconsciously, innocently and maliciously, and these deceptions affect all of the characters deeply.
  • On 12 November 1908, he was convicted of assault causing actual bodily harm for "maliciously assaulting" a man from Sheffield two months prior. He was fined £20 (...).
  • Moreover, this maliciously chosen example may strategically selected by an adversary who has knowledge of [...] , [...] , [...] , or the current progress of the learning algorithm.

  • The Irish Council Bill (or Irish Councils Bill; [...] "The Spectator" said this was used "maliciously ... as though bill were a mere measure of County Councils".
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