Übersetzung für 'manipulation' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   a manipulation | manipulations
SYNO handling | manipulation | use
manipulationBeeinflussung {f}
manipulation [handling]Handhabung {f}
manipulation [processing]Verarbeitung {f}
manipulationManipulation {f}
manipulationMachenschaft {f}
manipulationManipulierung {f}
manipulation [processing]Bearbeitung {f}
manipulationBetätigung {f}
manipulation [tampering]Frisieren {n} [fig.] [ugs.] [Manipulieren]
2 Wörter: Substantive
account manipulationKontenschiebung {f}
address manipulationAdressenmanipulation {f}
bit manipulationbitweise Verarbeitung {f}
computer manipulation
Computermanipulation {f}
currency manipulation
Währungs­manipulation {f}
data manipulationDatenmanipulation {f}
data manipulation
Datenbearbeitung {f}
direct manipulationdirekte Manipulierung {f}
electoral manipulation
Wahlmanipulation {f}
fiscal manipulationSteuermanipulation {f}
fraudulent manipulationbetrügerische Manipulation {f}
image manipulation
Bildmanipulation {f}
input manipulationEingabemanipulation {f}
manipulation attemptManipulationsversuch {m}
manipulation chargesManipulationsvorwürfe {pl}
manipulation strategyManipulationsstrategie {f}
manipulation systemManipulationssystem {n}
market manipulation
Marktmanipulation {f}
match manipulation
Spielmanipulation {f}
mechanical manipulationMaschinenbearbeitung {f}
media manipulation
Medienmanipulation {f}
output manipulationAusgabemanipulation {f}
photo manipulationFotomanipulation {f}
picture manipulationBildbearbeitung {f}
spinal manipulation
Einrichten {n} der Wirbelsäule
stock manipulationAktienmanipulation {f}
video manipulationVideomanipulation {f} [auch: Video-Manipulation]
3 Wörter: Substantive
data manipulation language <DML>Datenbearbeitungs­sprache {f}
data manipulation language <DML>
Datenmanipulationssprache {f}
evidence of manipulationManipulationsbeweis {m}
image manipulation program
Bildbearbeitungs­programm {n}
image manipulation program
Bildverarbeitungs­programm {n}
manipulation of accountsFälschung {f} von Konten
manipulation of dataDatenmanipulation {f}
manipulation of income
Einkommensmanipulation {f}
manipulation of light
Lichtmanipulation {f}
manipulation of pricesKursmanipulation {f}
opportunity for manipulationManipulationsmöglichkeit {f}
possibility of manipulationManipulationsmöglichkeit {f}
security against manipulationManipulationssicherheit {f}
4 Wörter: Andere
on the slightest manipulation {adv}bei der gerings­ten Veränderung
4 Wörter: Substantive
manipulation of (public) opinion
Meinungs­manipulation {f}
manipulation of (public) opinion
Meinungs­mache {f} [pej.] [Meinungs­manipulation]
manipulation of a fileManipulation {f} einer Datei
5+ Wörter: Substantive
manipulation of a / the match
Spielmanipulation {f}
manipulation of a credit cardFälschung {f} der Kreditkarte
manipulation of the match's result
Manipulation {f} des Spielergebnisses
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Übersetzung für 'manipulation' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Beeinflussung {f}

Manipulation {f}

Machenschaft {f}

Manipulierung {f}

Betätigung {f}
manipulation [handling]
Handhabung {f}
manipulation [processing]
Verarbeitung {f}

Bearbeitung {f}
manipulation [tampering]
Frisieren {n} [fig.] [ugs.] [Manipulieren]

account manipulation
Kontenschiebung {f}
address manipulation
Adressenmanipulation {f}
bit manipulation
bitweise Verarbeitung {f}
computer manipulation
Computermanipulation {f}comp.
currency manipulation
Währungs­manipulation {f}curr.fin.
data manipulation
Datenmanipulation {f}

Datenbearbeitung {f}comp.
direct manipulation
direkte Manipulierung {f}
electoral manipulation
Wahlmanipulation {f}pol.
fiscal manipulation
Steuermanipulation {f}
fraudulent manipulation
betrügerische Manipulation {f}
image manipulation
Bildmanipulation {f}comp.photo.
input manipulation
Eingabemanipulation {f}
manipulation attempt
Manipulationsversuch {m}
manipulation charges
Manipulationsvorwürfe {pl}
manipulation strategy
Manipulationsstrategie {f}
manipulation system
Manipulationssystem {n}
market manipulation
Marktmanipulation {f}stocks
match manipulation
Spielmanipulation {f}sports
mechanical manipulation
Maschinenbearbeitung {f}
media manipulation
Medienmanipulation {f}journ.publ.
output manipulation
Ausgabemanipulation {f}
photo manipulation
Fotomanipulation {f}
picture manipulation
Bildbearbeitung {f}
spinal manipulation
Einrichten {n} der Wirbelsäulemed.
stock manipulation
Aktienmanipulation {f}
video manipulation
Videomanipulation {f} [auch: Video-Manipulation]

data manipulation language <DML>
Datenbearbeitungs­sprache {f}

Datenmanipulationssprache {f}comp.
evidence of manipulation
Manipulationsbeweis {m}
image manipulation program
Bildbearbeitungs­programm {n}comp.photo.

Bildverarbeitungs­programm {n}comp.photo.
manipulation of accounts
Fälschung {f} von Konten
manipulation of data
Datenmanipulation {f}
manipulation of income
Einkommensmanipulation {f}fin.
manipulation of light
Lichtmanipulation {f}tech.
manipulation of prices
Kursmanipulation {f}
opportunity for manipulation
Manipulationsmöglichkeit {f}
possibility of manipulation
Manipulationsmöglichkeit {f}
security against manipulation
Manipulationssicherheit {f}

on the slightest manipulation {adv}
bei der gerings­ten Veränderung

manipulation of (public) opinion
Meinungs­manipulation {f}pol.

Meinungs­mache {f} [pej.] [Meinungs­manipulation]pol.
manipulation of a file
Manipulation {f} einer Datei

manipulation of a / the match
Spielmanipulation {f}sports
manipulation of a credit card
Fälschung {f} der Kreditkarte
manipulation of the match's result
Manipulation {f} des Spielergebnissessports
  • Manipulation {f} = rigging
  • Manipulation {f} = tampering
  • Manipulation {f} = spoofing
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In competitive judo, "Kansetsu-waza" is currently limited to elbow joint manipulation.
  • Propaganda is understood as a form of manipulation of public opinion. The semiotic manipulation of signs is the essential characteristic ("Propaganda is a major form of manipulation by symbols" ").
  • In computer science, this style of interaction is referred to as indirect manipulation, a human–computer interaction style, as opposed to direct manipulation.
  • Chart manipulation has been a controversial topic in South Korea. South Korea's Ministry of Culture banned midnight releases altogether, in order to avoid chart manipulation.
  • Artery dissection has also been reported in association with some forms of neck manipulation. There is significant controversy about the level of risk of stroke from neck manipulation.

  • Three main evolutionary routes have been suggested for the appearance of host behaviour manipulation by parasites.
  • No clear beneficial effect from spinal manipulation or massage has been shown. Further, as there is no evidence of safety for cervical manipulation for baby colic, it is not advised.
  • He notes that science became "science for manipulation" following Descartes.
  • Photograph manipulation refers to alterations made to an image.
  • The CR 223 Manipulation is a red coloured functional training rifle for safe manipulation instructioning that can not be fired.

  • Ragneron's superpowers include the ability of super-strength, subatomic manipulation and perception, and unlimited manipulation of matter and atoms.
  • Card manipulation is the branch of magical illusion that deals with creating effects using sleight of hand techniques involving playing cards.
  • Hence, assuming the widely believed hypothesis that P ≠ NP, there are instances where polynomial time is not enough to establish whether a beneficial manipulation is possible.
  • Fideres has assisted litigation cases and provided research on financial market manipulation with work, among others, on LIBOR, FX, cryptocurrency market manipulation, and ISDAFIX.
  • Photo manipulation is used today in place of darkroom manipulation. Today, photo manipulation can be started on a photographer's camera by formatting the image into either a JPEG or RAW format.

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